Coming Home Cover
UPDATE: 7/9/2014 This story has taken me very long to write and I lose inspiration fast. Be patient as It may take a while to finish this. And worry not thought, there is still so much of this story left in me! But i do hope you have enjoyed my little piece of literature so far!

P.S. A new chapter is coming really soon!


Through ice and snow, blistering heat, sweaty humids, and uncomfortable mud, a dragon treks through, to the Kingdom of the Sea.

Almost there.... the dragon thinks to itself. Soon, the dragon makes it to the Delta and begins to shoot into the sky. The dragon flaps its wings and takes to the air immediately.

The dragon searches the islands for the perfect place for it's egg that it is holding. It flies over one island, going to the next and then the next. Finally, the dragon finds the perfect island.

The Dragon flies down to that island and lands safely, keeping the egg safe. It looks around and happens to find a bale of hay and soft leaves. The dragon grabs those and makes a bed inside the cave that sits nestled on the island. The dragon places the egg on the bed. To make sure the egg isn't found, it puts leaves and hay on top to keep it hidden. Then, the dragon slips out of the cave, only to bump into several SeaWings.

"Well....well..well... What do we have here?" The biggest one says. "Heh, an IceWing. Pathetic. Soo powerless in this place. Aren't you far from home?" the big SeaWing says.

"Please... I just want to go home...." The IceWing pleads. The three SeaWings look at each other. Then, the biggest one signals something in aquatic and the two SeaWings pin the IceWing down.

"Now, we don't want the IceWings to hear about this now, do we?" The big one says again. "I can fix that...." Then, the Big SeaWing slashes the IceWing's neck and throws the carcass in the water for the sharks to feed on.

"C'mon.... lets go..." Says the big SeaWing and the trio plunges into the water.

Chapter 1 - Of all Days

The IceWing stretched her wings and legs. Once she finished stretching, she headed out of her cave, on a SeaWing island close to the Seawing Palace. She never questioned why she was here. She was Abandoned there. She knew all about the SeaWings, as her best friend was a SeaWing. Her name was Pacific and she was like all the normal SeaWings.

Once the IceWing was at the mouth of the cave, she sat and waited for Pacific to come. Five minutes later, Pacific had arrived and brought fish.

"Hi Coldfront!" Pacific said to the IceWing.

"Hello Pacific. I see you brought breakfast this time," Coldfront said, examining the fish.

"Yah... I was soo excited to today!" Pacific said, seeming now a bit jittery and peppy.

"And why is that?"

"It's your Birthday, silly!" 

Then, sudden realization poped into Coldfront's mind. 'Of course! That's why I had felt more refreshed today than usual!' Coldfront said in her mind.

"Well, ready to eat?"

"Yes! I'm starving!" Both dragons ate their very plump fish and once the fish was done, they licked their lips and walked to the shore of the small island, to watch the fish in the water.

"Hey Coldfront, want to practice your swimming?" Pacific asked, excited.

"Always" Coldfront replied. She knew swimming well. She had always wondered if her tribe has a knack for that.

"Wanna race me to that rock?"

"Oh yah!" Both dragons got ready to spring.

"Mark, Get Set, GO!!!!"

Both dragons sped off into the water, both showing exceptional skill and speed. Especially Coldfront. They both reached the rock with soo much speed and water, it was almost hard to tell who had won. But they finally determined it. Coldfront won, again.

"You are getting soo much better now! I can barely beat you! You Win every time. You deserve a reward." Pacific said, mockingly.

"Oh yah, i need you scales. Rawr. Im an evil SkyWing and i was your scales for my bed of other scales, rawr!" Coldfront said, pretending to be a SkyWing.

"Ahh! no! My scales are no for picking! Agh! I will attack you with claws of death, Rawr!" Pacific said, rubbing her talons lightly on Coldfront's chest to pretend to deflect. Soon, both dragons were is a play fight. It was all fun until a shadow appeared in the sky and both dragons stop fighting and looked up.

The shadow looked menacing. The shadow began to circle menacingly over the two dragon's heads. Both dragons began to get scared. Soon, it blew fire and another dragon appeared, a bit more sluggish appearing. The two dragons circled more, until they began to descend upon the two female dragons. But female dragons grabbed tough coral and hid it behind their backs, ready to hurt the attacker. Once the two dragons were within range, the two dragons holding coral attacked the other two with the coral.

"ow, ow! Stop that! Ow!" one dragon said, trying to shield himself with his wings. "Stop! its just me, Scorch! ow!" 

Both female dragons stopped hitting them and stood back to let the two dragons stand. There was Scorch, The SandWing, and Acid, the RainWing. Both friends of the IceWing and SeaWing.

"Soo.. Coldfront, i heard today is your birthday. Congrats! We brought you something.." Scorch said. The dragon put his wings up and did a few things behind the wings. Once the wings were folded, Scorch had something in his claws. He covered it up and flapped over to Coldfront. He grabbed her hands and placed something metal in her claws. Once Scorch backed up, Coldfront opened her claws and saw that the gift was a 24 carrot gold necklace, lined with icy blue gems.

Coldfront looked amazed and a little light headed. Scorch walked up again and placed the necklace around her neck. After that, Coldfront hugged the Sandwing and whispered in his ear.

"Thank you... this is the best gift I've ever gotten!" Coldfront backed up and made a triumphant pose. The sunlight glittered on the necklace, making it look all sparkly. Coldfront just knew she would have to make them all matching necklaces, but with different colored gems. 

"hey, umm.. Coldfront, i now want to give you something.. well... more as show you...." Acid said, a little nervous on her reaction.

"I-if you would follow me..."

"Sure!" Coldfront said. Soon, all four dragons took flight and head toward the RainWing Kingdom. Coldfront just admired her new necklace.

"That is an awesome necklace!" Pacific said.

"Well, of course you know, a gift like this may have to be created again to match friends, right?" Coldfront said, happily. After a long time of flying, the four dragons landed near a clearing.

"Uhmm... C-coldfront, could you close your eyes?" Acid asked. Soon, Scorch is on Coldfront's back and covered her eyes.

"Hey! Watch it!" Coldfront said, playfully. Scorch just kept her eyes covered.

"Okay Acid,  show us what you wanted to show Coldfront"

"F-follow me" Acid said and led the way to a very low trodden path. Scorch and Pacific led Coldfront along the path, so she didn't walk off into another direction.  Once they came to a halt, Acid signaled Scorch to take his claws off her eyes and Coldfront blinks a bit, from the light. Once she opened her eyes fully, she saw a beautiful clearing. Flowers littered the floor, a waterfall on the opposite side of the clearing, trickling lightly. There were stone pillars surrounding the clearing, decorated with grape vines and gems. In the center of the clearing, lay a small dip in the ground, a small place of where strawberries grew and stones laced the higher leveled opening.

Once again, Coldfront felt light-headed. She loved the gifts that she got today. 

"W-what do you think, C-coldfront?" Acid said, a little nervous again on her reaction.

"It-it-its... Beautiful!!! thank you acid!" she said and hugged Acid.

"Its wonderful...." Coldfront then backed up and looked at the sight again. She felt like tearing up.

"I-im glad you like it..." Acid said.

"Well... now that we have seen all of Coldfront's presents, what do you all want to do?" Pacific asked. Coldfront shrugged. "I think we could go back to the Kingdom of the sea, so we can relax the rest of the day by the hot springs" Pacific urged. The dragons all agreed and they all followed Pacific till they got to the hot springs. By the time they got there, the sun was so close to the horizon, only a few minutes relaxing would result the sunset. So, they made some fruit punch with fruit they collected from the clearing. The dragons went in the springs with the drinks and had a fun time. They even watched the sun set. 

"So, any of you have dreams? Anyone?" Pacific asked, drunk on laughter.

"Well, my dream is to find my tribe. I feel a little out of place. I mean, you all are still and will be my friends, its just, i need to find who i belong to. Like, what tribe.." Coldfront said. The three dragons nodded, knowing how hard it is for her.

"Uhh, i think i know your tribe."Every one looked at Acid. "You know what i am?"

"i think.... i think your an IceWing. but, ive heard little. Im sure Scorch would know more. Scorch?" Acid turned to Scorch.

"Yes, i do know of your species, IceWings. They look a lot like you. They are able to witstand sub-zero temperatures and bright light. And you can breathe deadly freezing breathe."When Coldfront heard that, she realized how much danger her friends were when aroundn her. But then again, they had special powers aswell. Scorch has his Stinger at the End of his tail, Acid spits acidous vemon, and Pacific can do that thing with her scales. She felt normal around them. Acid yawned and rubbed his eyes, feeling tired.

"Im tired... i think im gonna go home..." Acid said as he got out of the water. 

"yah.... i think ill go too..." Scorch said and got out. Soon, all the dragons were out."Well, me and acid well fly home. Bye guys." Scorch said as he and Acid flew away.

"Hey, Coldfront, can i sleep over tonight?" Pacific asked. Coldfront nodded with tried eyes and walked with her friend into her cave. Once they got settled in, Coldfront closed hey eyes and thought. 

'Hmmm..... i think, i will tell the others that we should go on a journey together, to find my tribe. But mostly, my family... yah.... maybe, tommorow.... ill think about that...." was all Coldfront thought untill she fell asleep.

Chapter 2 - Trapped

All through the night, Coldfront had dreams of how it would be, finding her kind. She imagined that they would celebrate her coming home and make her a heir. But soon it was morning and when Coldfront awoke, Pacific was still alseep. So, Coldfront went outside and decided to take a moring dip.

Once Coldfront got out of the water, she shook herself off and sat, thinking about what it would be like when she got home. She thought of how cool IceWings must be. They must be good at making allies... Coldfront thought, since she was so good at making new friends.

Not long after, Pacific walked out of the cave and sat next to her friend. 

"Hey Coldfront. How's the water today?" Pacific asked. 

"Its nice and warm... hey, Pacific, can i ask you something?"

"Sure! I mean, we're friends and we share things, right?" Pacific said joyfully.

"Okay... well.. i was wondering what you would think if i went out to go find my home. I mean, would you miss me if I did?" Coldfront asked. Pacific's smile disappeared and she turned her head to look into the water. 

"I...I...I would miss you... y-your the only family I really truly have... I mean, you're not like my parents... they hate me.... you're the only dragon who has ever shown me kindness. Please, Coldfront, if you attempt that, please visit me. I dont want to be alone....." Pacific said sadly, tears begining to form in her eyes. Coldfront reached a claw to her cheeks and brushes away her tears. 

"Listen, Pacific, if I do go, and I don't like it there, I promise, I will return." Coldfront said comfortingly. Pacific reached in for a surprise hug. 

"Oh Coldfront.... thank you......" Pacific said, feeling better. Coldfront just embraced her untill she released. 

"Uh... Coldfront... I.. I... if you go, may I come with you to help you find your tribe?" Coldfront pondered this for a few minutes. 

"I-I mean, if you dont want me to com-"



"Yes. I want you to come with me." Coldfront said confidently. Pacific looked happy. 

"Thank you, Coldfront.... should we go and warn the others?" Pacific said.

"Nahh... lets just swim  a bit..." Coldfront said and she plunged into the water. The water splashed on Pacific. SeaWing jumped in after her, to get her back for splashing her. Coldfront realized that Pacific was chasing her playfully, so the IceWing began to swim fast, trying to avoid her friend's payback.

Coldfront found a rock, leaped out of the water and flapped upon the rock. Pacific noticed this and before she knew it, the SeaWing rammed into the rock. Pacific backed up, recovered from her dizziness. Pacfic then, streched her wings and flapped up into the air. Then, she tackled Coldfront from the air and both were in the water, play-wrestling.

After a while, both dragons were tried. They both paddled to the shore and layed down, enjoying the wonderful sunrays.  

"Okay.... Coldfront, if we were to go, we would first need to get our materials we will need for crossing Pyrrhia. And then, we would have to warn the boys," Pacifc said, thinking deeply. 

"After this, we should get our materials ready and then, travel first to Acid. He is the closest." To that, Coldfront nodded. Then, the IceWing looked up at the sky, watching the birds and clouds. Not long later, both dragons fell asleep. Little did they know, that they were vulnerable to anything, laying there, in the sun. Up in the sky, shadowy figures lurked.

"Okay. Captin.... I see, two dragonets. Laying there... they look dead...." One dragon says to an even larger dragon. 

"Ahh.. I see them... Alpha squadrent, dive." Said the big dragon and the whole of the group of dragons dived down and landed lightly on the sand. They shivered. They sand was too warm for their liking. 

"Tie them...." the Big drgaon said and four dragons walked out from behind him and tied up both dragons' legs, wings, and snouts. Then, the dragons were placed on top of the dragons' backs and the squadrent of dragons took flight into the air. The sound of more flapping echoed behind the shady dragons. The back four dragons turned around and saw a group of SeaWings flapping toward them. The four attack the SeaWings. There were now the sounds echoing of a Battle in the sky...

 Battle of the Sky...

The beginning of the end... 

Blood splattered from the sky, several SeaWings plummeted from the sky, limp and bloodied. The corpses splashed into the water, reddening the water...

 Reddening the Water...

 The sign... 

The red in the water attracted sharks and the sharks in the water began to feast upon the corpses. The SeaWings got furious, but scared and turned back, before they too in turn, fell into the water and became feasted upon. Triumphant, the four dragons, with minor cuts, turn back toward the group.

Later, the group of dragons reached their destination, the NightWing Kingdom. The Group of NightWings flew towards the castle. Once they were in clear examining distance, the group dived toward an opening in the side of the castle. The dragons did a series of twists and turns in the cave, dodging the other wise hard to get past stalagmites and stalagtites.

The NightWings finally reach a huge room, with prison cells littering the walls, filled with other dragons from other tribes. The Two NightWings carrying Coldfront and Pacific walk to a cage and throw the dragonets in. They untie them real quick and walk out the room, closeing the door and locking it safe.

Soon after being thrown into their cells, do they awake. 

"Ugg....... wh-where are we?" Coldfront says, now concious, looking around the room. She sees dragons in cells, looking pitiful and scared. Coldfront now realizes she too is in the cage, and so is Pacific. Coldfront clicks at the metal with her claws. Solid. Dang. Coldfront wished it was easliy escapable. But she finally realized, if it was easy, then all those other dragons would be free.

"Help! Someone, Help!" Coldfront screams, only to be shooshed by a NightWing. 

"Quiet you. We dont want you making sounds. If you dont, severe punishment is in order. Now Shut up!" the NightWing commanded. "I will turn on that electic collar!" Coldfront looked confused. Electic Collar? She touches around her neck and realises, she is wearing a strange collar. She looked in a small reflecting stone in the wall and finds a pattern on it. A lightning bolt design with several buttons and lights. She looks at Pacific and notices she has one too. Coldfront goes over to her friend and shakes her. The SeaWing wakes up.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, calm down Coldfront. Nothings wro-" 

"No, Everything is wrong Pacific! Look around you!" Coldfront yelled. Pacific got up and looked out side fo the cage. She indeed, with Coldfront and other dragons, were trapped. 

Chapter 3 - Escape Plan?

"H-how could we have possibly be trapped?" Pacifc panicked. She started pacing around in their cell. As Pacific was freaking out like a lunitic, Coldfront was piecing things in her mind. Okay... so, first we had that conversation.. then, we went intot he water and wrestled... then, we went ont he beach and fell asleep......i got it!

"Pacific, I think I know how we got here," Coldfront said, having a sense of dread creep up her spine. Pacific tackled her friend. 

"What? what is it? TELLL ME!!!" "Calm down! Let me up." 

"Sorry." Pacific said and got off of Coldfront to let her up. Coldfront got up and brushed herself off. 

"Pacific, i think when we fell asleep, these dragons captured us. Thats why we have these collars on." Coldfront said and pointed to hers, then Pacifc's. The SeaWing reached to touch the collar and she too, felt the collar. 

"These are shock collars. if we try to leave, it will shock us." Coldfront said grimly. Pacific then, wore the look of horror on her face. 

"And if we arent quiet, the dragons will give severe punishment..." Pacific was just silent, with the horrified face still being worn, and looking pale. Coldfront started to get worried about her friend.  

"Umm... Pacific, are you okay? Pacific? Pacific!" Coldfront screamed. The NightWing outside yelled at her again. 

"Shut up!!" the NightWing exclaimed. Pacific slowly grew out of her horror state and lyed ont he floor, her head on her claws. 

"Its hopeless... we're never getting out of here..." Pacific said, all hope gone from the tone. Just then, another NightWing came with two buckets, opened a small latch and pushed the buckets into the cage. Then, he closed the latch. 

"Food Time. Better eat that. its the only thing your gonna eat for the next two days. Enjoy! Ahahahah!" The NightWing cackled as he left. Coldfront walked up to the buckets and looked inside. Both had mushed fish and veggies. Coldfront looked disgusted after she gave it a smell. 'Ewww... this looks digusting! I mean, i like fish and vegatables, but this, this is just sick!'

Coldfront grabs her and Pacific's food bucket and sits next to her friend. She scoots one bucket infront of her friend. 

"Hey, Pacific, its time to eat... this is all we gon-"

"Yes.. i know...." Pacific sighed." I heard.."

"Well, eat please. we shouldnt starve." Coldfront said, unethusiastically. She pulled the bucket close to her and began eating, trying not to hurl in the bucket, or out her food. As she was forceably eating, she saw Pacific not even touching it. Coldfront happily paused her eating. 

"Pacific, why arent you eating?"

"Not hungry..."

"Dude, you gotto eat. You will starve to death! And.... your the only family ive ever had." Coldfront abmits. Pacific looks at Coldfront. The SeaWing begins to see tears. 

"I-i-i... i know you want to get out of here... an-and so do i.. but if we just get through the challangeing parts.... w-we can escape... and i c-can get home..." Coldfront covers her sad, sodden teary face in her claws, silently crying. Pacific, not likeing to see her friend cry, come sover there and goves her a hug.

"Coldfront....." Pacific takes a pause to sigh. " Okay... i will wade it out. For you..." The IceWing looked up from her tears and hugged her friend. Then, she whispered in her ear. "Thank you..."

Once Coldfront released her friend, she handed her friend her food and both dragons eat their shlop. After they finish their food, thye were full. Even though it wasnt tasty, it was filling. 

"ugg.. im glad we dont have to eat that food again. Well, we wont have food tomorrow and the day after that." 

"Yah.... good thing.." Pacific says. Just then, four NightWings appear. The one in the middle, Bigger than the others, wore a DarkBlue cape laced with gold, a crown made of gold, silver, Melanite and Onyx. He also wore mulitple rings toped with star rubies, star sapphires, star sunstones, star Diopsides, Star Garnets, Star Moonstone, and Star Rose Quartzes. His scales were jet black and dark purple. Another dragon, to the right of him, was slightly shorter and he wore silver braclets, necklet, and taillets. He also wore a varity of gold ear rings on his horns.

"Okay dragonets, stand." One of the guard NightWing said, poking them with their sharp spears. Both females got up and stood straight. The Big Dragonsteps foreward and the dragon guarding the femle's cave opens the door and the Dragon walks in. He walks up to both, and points the tip of a claw at the point where throught meet mouth. 

"hmmm...... What do you think, Orion? Do any of these please you? I sure hope not...." The Big Dragon says. Orion, the dragon to his right, just looks down. 

"Orion, i need an answer." Orion says nothing. 

"ORION!" The dragon begins to raise his voice. "ORION! lISTEN TO ME!" 



"No... they dont please me..." Orion said, obeyingly. The dragon chuckled. 

"Thats My boy!"

"Umm, Pitch sir, what should we do with these two?" One guard asks. 

"Ahh, yes, well-"

"Dad, may i Guard them? I want to have the feeling of reponsibility." Orion asks his dad, Pitch. Orion gave his dad puppy eyes and acted in a manner of which made his dad always let him get his way.

"Oh, FIne. But once. This once.."

"Thanks Dad..."

"Anything for my only son. Eveyrone, Dismissed" Pitch declaired and turned, extenign his wings and flying into the air. While Orion sat next to the female Dragonet's Cage. 

"Sorry my dad was harsh on you. Hes harsh on anyone... but i wont hurt you... Now, may i please know your names?" Coldfront and Pacific looked at each other in doubt, but then gave in immidatly, cause, they didnt wasnt to deal with his puppy look.

"Uhm, Im Pacific. And this here is my friend, Coldfront." Pacific pointed to herself, then Coldfront. Coldfront blushed. And the IceWing happened to see a slight blush on the NightWing's face when he heard her name.

" Pssst... Im gonna help you two get out of here... and if i can, ill get myself out with you guys.. if thats okay." Orion said.

Chapter 4 - Barely made it

"Y-you can help us get out?" Pacific and Coldfront said simotainiously. They were awestruck.


"And you want to come with us?"

"Yes... Is that okay with you? My dad has been crule to me for years. Hes never let me do my own things. If im free, i can do anything i want." Orion said, seeming to look into the distance past Coldfront, pretending to see the world in all its glory. But really, Orion didnt say, he was falling in love with Coldfront.' I hope she doesnt think im looking at her...' Orion thought, now, starting to blush. Orion was startled when he saw a claw being waved infront of his face. 

"Hello, earth Orion" Pacific said. She seemed annoyied and anxious to know the plan.

"We need to know the plan!" 

"Oh, right. Umm.... giev me time... ive always thought i could escape, but i never came up with a plan..." Orion was thinking deeply. ' Okay... a plan... need to think of a plan...hmm... THINK ORION THINK!! ahh! i gotz it!' Orion thought, a plan now devised in his head.

Orion motions for them to come closer wiht his claws. He puts his wings up, so no noise can escape. Once the two Females are close enough, Orion blushes but then shakes it off. 

"Okay.. Heres the plan... ill get some smoke bombs from my dad's weapon room. The next time you get food, ill make sure to slip in one smoke bomb, two keys, and a laminated copy of the wat to the exit. Soon, after i set some in my dads room,they will go off and ill turn off the electric collars, and open all the windows in my room, i catch up with you at the dark crystal emergency exit. There, we will be able to dodge the seeing eyes of all the NightWing in the kingdom." Orion said all this with confidence. Both females nodded that it was a good plan.

"Okay... when do you get your food again?"

"Two days from now."

"Well, before they send the food out, ill ask if i can send it. Once i do, i will sneak in your materials." Orion then folded his wings back onto his body and saw some NightWIng guards coming.

"Master Orion, is there any trouble? You were talking to them."

"Uhh.. yah, they have been trying to escape by....uhh.." the female dragosn were beginning to look worried. "By digging through the floor. But i told them they can, cause, if they do, they would fall to their dooms. heh..." Orion sat there for a while, hoping they guards bought it.

"Well, you two will get a punishment if you attempt that again. Understood?" Both Pacfic and Coldfront nodded, pretending to be frightend. The guards left to attend back to their duties. the three dragons all breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Well, you know the plan. Ive got to go. My dad wants me and another guard is coming to replace me. Speak nothing of this..." Orion said. He got up, said something to the guard and flew up to the tunnel that leads to the small home area of Pitch and Orion. The dragonets knew what they had to do. Anxiety was killing them. No, it wasnt escaping. It was the wait.

As the two days went by, the dragons were preparing.

Today was the day they would escape.Orion had already delivered the food and they found the materials. They waited to hear the sound of a metal can. It took a while, but they heard the sound of roaring and scrabblig claws. Just then, a metal can fell on the floor. A few guards went up to the can. Soon enough, it misted and the whole room within minutes was covered in mist. The dragons in the cage waited for the collars to power down.

Soon, they powered down. The Dragonet's unlocked those with one key and unlocked the cage door with the other. The females left a smoke bomb in their cage too and it went off. The two dragons looked at the map. They saw where they needed to go. Spreading their wings, Pacific and Coldfront took off down a hall. They had to dodge numerous stalagmites and stalagtites, but they finally made it to where they didnt have to dodge anymore.

"When do you think Orion is gon-"

"Hey. Hows it going? Man... it was hard to get away" Orion appeared next to Pacifc.

"Oh good, you escaped. Im glad." Coldfront said, trying not to give away her hidden love for Orion.

"Well, we are almost out." Pacific said. Soon, the three dragonets flew out of the exit and flew away from the castle. 

"Well, where are we to go now?" Pacifc asked Orion. 

"uh... i..i really dotn know.. i never got this far..."

"Hey, i know! Isnt the nearest kingdom the Sand Kingdom? Scorch lives there! We could go there. I know where he lives." Coldfront said. She knew all too well where Scorch lived. She went there a lot when Pacific was busy. 

"Good idea Coldfront. Lets go there." Pacific said. Orion looked confused.

"Whos this 'Scorch' you speak of? Ive never heard of a SandWing named scorch."

"Hes a friend of ours. Just follow us." Coldfront said and led the way to Scorch's cave. By the time they got to his cave, the sun was going down. The three dragons landed and Coldfront knocked at the rock. 

"Hello, Scorch, are you home?"

"Whos there?"

"Its me, Coldfront and Pacific."

"Come in." The three dragons went inside. They went through the fur-covered opening and walked in to find Scorch on the floor, playing with a rat. He was gonna eat the rat, but since Scorch, was, well, Scorch, he liked to play and torture his food first. He looked up when a shadow covered his veiw of the rat. He looked up and saw the two female dragons.

"Hey guys, hows goes it?" Scorch asked as he got up. He grabbed the rat by the tail and placed him in a deep hole in the ground, so Scorch could play with it later.

"Soo, what brought you here?" Scorch said, turning around.

"I think i know why... to get these back. Well, here." Scorch said as he turned back around with several jewls. Pacific grabbed the jewels. 

"Thanks..." Pacific said and put the jewels in a pouch she stole from the castle.

"Uhh, Pacific, where did you get that pouch?"

"Uhh... borrowed it? What? How else were we supposed to keep the collars, keys, and map?" Pacific said, pulling out the items, and jewels. 

"And... it also matched my scales.." Coldfront face-clawed. 

"Seriously?" Pacific just shurgged. 

"Oh, that reminds me, i would like to introduce you to Orion, the NightWing."

Chapter 5 - Interuption

Scorch looked at the shy NightWing behind Coldfront. He saw the NightWing look at Coldfront and blush slightly. Scorch knew he had a rival. A rival, going for Coldfront's heart. But Scorch, still young, didnt know very well how to keep his feelings. But apparantly, nether did him. He was blushing!

"Uhh, hello, Orion. Im Scorch. I see you have already met Coldfront and Pacific.." Scorch said, his tone of hostility. But Orion didnt notice. 

"Where did you get him?" Scorch sked, in a bit of a damanding tone.

"We were caught by evil NightWings and Orion happened to be the leader's son. SO, we devised a plan to get out. he helped us and he said he wanted to come with us, so why protest?" Coldfront explained in one breath. She inhaled and exhaled till she got her breath back. 

"Yah, oh yah, almost forgot. The reason why we were able to be caught, was we were tired and went to sleep on the beach. We were going to gather mateirals and go warn Acid first to see if he wanted to come with us." Pacific said. "To.. where..?" Scorch asked, confsued.

"Oh yah.. i said i wanted to go home..."Coldfront said, hoping not to upset anyone.

"H-home... y-you mean, with your tribe?" Scorch said, a bit worried.

"Yes... But i made a pact. I told Pacific if i dont like it there, i promise ill come back." with that Scorch relaxed a bit, knowing there was hope of her staying after all. Scorch stopped himself from going up and hugging Coldfront. HE knew, now wasnt the time.

"So, Scorch, can we stay for the night?" Coldfront asked, hoping he wouldnt turn them down.

"Of course! Your my friends..." Scorch then murmured, "mostly...." Scorch led the way through his cave, till they came to a few openings in the cave, Scorch went to the far right one. Soon, they get to another room, btu with several more openings. Scorch led the females to one room, made to exactlly how they like it. There were two beds, one surrounded by water, like a mini moat, and the other surrounded by tiny crystals. The room had rocks looking like crystals hanging from the ceiling.

"Well, sleep tight." Scorch said as the females got settled in. Scorch left and tended to Orion. He lead Orion to a room, made dark with sliver stones on top, mimicing the night sky. There were sveral rocks looking like moonstone lacing the floor around a dip in the ground. Inside the dip was hay and moss, grown fresh in Scorch's own water room.

"Well, good night... Orion"

"Good Night." Orion replied, settleing in for the night. Scorch walked out of one of all the fur covered openings and went to his own room. Inside lay savannah grass, and a highted rock pedistal. On top of the pedistal was fur, moss and hay mixed together to form a comfy bed. Scorch got up on his bed, and layed there, in thought.

Scorch wasnt the only one who couldnt sleep. Not only couldnt Scorch, but Orion. Orion was having a hard time sleeping, thinking of Coldfront and Scorch and Him self. He was thinking till he fell asleep. Scorch fell asleep at the same time. 

Soon, it was morning and Scorch got up, streched his limbs and dropped onto the main floor. He walked out of his room and walked toward the female's room. He listened and he heard them whispering.

"Hey, Pacific..."


"Scorch has been acting weird latly.. its not like him."

"I donno... maybe he is having troubles within the kingdom"

"But i sometimes see him give Orion bad looks.. like, he hates his guts.."

"I dont know what to say. Just, move on and pretend you dont know. Or something." "Good idea. i will do just that" Coldfront finshed Then, rumbling cave from the room. Coldfront and Pacific laughed. 

"I guess im hungry. Wanna go and get some acutally edible food?"

"You and me both sister" Pacific agreed. they both laughed and got up. Scorch knew they were about to leave their room. So, he went outside of his room, making it seem like he just woke up too. Coldfront yawned as she got out.

"Hey Scorch, know whats for breakfest?"

"Uhh, i think i still have some leftover meat i caught yesterday." Scorch offered. 

" Any food will do really. heh. Right Pacific?" Coldfront nudged Pacific and she nodded.

"Well, follow me." Scorch said and led the way out of that tunnel. The met at that area again where the main room branches off into different tunnels. Scorch, bening an expert in his home, went to the next tunnel. The smell of fresh meat was lingering in the air. Once the dragons got into the room, there were severald tables.The ene clean one had multiple chairs.

Scorch led the females to the clean table and sat them down. He then went to one of the messiest tables and took out some meat. He cut it up into pieces and put them on granet plates. he carried the huge chunks of meat to the table and gave the girls their food. As soon as the meat was in front of them, they immidatly ate. Scorch just watched and laughed a bit.

The sound of claws echos from the tunnel as Orion arrives from the tunnel. He walks to the table to find, there was meat prepared for him. He sat down and tried a bit.

"mmm... this meat is really good... what animal is it?" Orion asked, between bites.

"Its roasted and boiled sacvenger meat. Its edible and tasty." Scorch said. Orion just ate anyways.

" I love scavengers! You make it better than my dad ever did. Yours is like, as good as my moms when she made it."

"WHen was the last time you had hers?" Scorch asked, intrigued. The females even stopped their eating to litsen in. 

"The last time i had my mom's meat was about a year ago, the day before she died due to an attack from SkyWings. I was almost captured, but she saved me... I miss her... so i wear her silver braclets around me to keep my mother close." Orion said sadly. The three other dragons looked sad aswell and shared his feelings. He wasnt the only one to be driven by heart break and abuse.

"But im also glad she died. She was abused by my dad." Orion said, more confidently." I bet my mom is proud of me now, to have escaped my dad's tyranny"

"Wow... i never knew you had such a colorfull background Orion." Coldfront said. She got up, walked over to Orion and gave him a pat with her wing. Just then, a rumbling sound came from the ceiling. Every one looked up.

Chapter 6 - Poison Darts

A Group of SandWings and MudWings burst in from the roof. They look angry. They move out of the way to let a Royal looking MudWings through. He has head armor, topped with a crown. He had shoulder armor,  chest armor, and a metal cutting knife att he end of his tail. Byt the looks of it, it was sergically stitched on. His Shoulder armor was of Copper, his chest armor of Silver, and his head armor of gold. The grown was a combination of all and had a diamond in the center.

The MudWing walks up to the four dragonets. When he spoke, his voice was thundering. 

" AHEM! ELIZIBETH, PLEASE WALK FORWARD." Ths MudWing says. Behind him, was a small SandWing with little to no armor on. The only armor she possesed was chest armor. She also had a small crown. 

"Yes, Husband." said Elizibeth. She held her head high, for such a small dragon. She walks forward next to her larger in size by comparison by hight and weight, Husband. 

"I AM KING EARTHQUAKE AND THIS IS QUEEN ELIZIBETH. WE ARE RULERS OF THE UNDERGROUND OF THE MUDKINGDOM." King Earthquake said, booming. His wife seemed not to be effected what so ever, while the dragonet's ears were ringing. 

"BY ORDER, WE ARE TO RETRIVE YOU, PACIFIC OF THE SEAWINGS, TO BE IMPRISONED WITH YOUR FRIENDS. GUARD, TAKE THEM." as soon as King Earthquake finshed, sveral MudWing raced and grabbed each dragonet. They tied them up, muzzled them,blinded them with cloth, and flew off.

Throughout the whole way there, the dragonet's struggled, but the ropes just got tighter. Once the underground entrance was in reach, the dragons lightened down and entered after the king and queen. in what seemed like hours, the dragonets where finally un-bound and put on solid ground. They were is cages again. But this time, Orion and Scorch were there, and they were the only group of dragons in the room. Besides the Guards and King and Queen.


"Crap... not in another cell!" Coldfront said, miserably. She hated cells cause she had a slight case of claustrophobia. She looked into  the cage with Pacific in it. She looked calm. Clamer than usual.

"Pacific, why do you....look, so.... calm?" Coldfront saked. Pacific turned her head toward her friend. 

"Oh.. its just that... remember what i can do?" Pacific said, looking sneaky and happy. Coldfront just tilted her head. Pacific face-clawed. 

"Seriously? You dont remember?"

"We have been through a lot latly. Its been hard and my memory is hard. i have soo much tthat has soaked in. Jeez."

"Well, remember the incident? Poison incident?" Pacific said. Then, Coldfront's face lightened and grew to a sucessful smile.

"Oh yahhhh... heh... who you gonna use it on?"

"Right now, i got nothing. But once i figure out who to strike, i will strike."Pacific said, confident. Coldfront just sat there, thinking of who to strike. Over in the other cages, Scorch was freaking out. He never had been in a cage. Orion was the only male there who was calm and collected. He had been through this many times. Always being trapped in a cage for a week, only fed mush.

"Why are you not panicking?  This is a paniky moment!! Rawr!"Scorch say, freaked out. He keeps shaking the cage, hoping it might budge. Not an inch.

"Dude, ju-"

"Dont, call me Dude. The only reason your here is because you were captured with us." Scorch snapped. He hated being called dude by anyone other than his friends. 


"Just calm down. I bet the girls are thinking up a plan." Orion stated, hoping he was right.

"Heh... them, thinking of plans? M-maybe your right... but still...."

"Still what?" Scorch stayed slient to that remark.

"WE ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!" Scorch roared, miserable. He layed on the floor on his side and curled into a ball of insainity. He appearntly wasnt taking being captured well. Orion just ignored his out burst and continued to look around the cave room. There were cave paintings of the anicent times on the walls, and rock jewelery hung on the walls by the claws of dragons. They still had some red on them from when they were possibly yanked out. The ceiling had one light source, a giant chandelier. It was a bright source.

The sound of heavy claws sounds from the tunnel hallways 2 hours later. King Earthquake and Queen Elizibeth walk in, with insturments of torture. The guards stand up and out of the way to let the rulers of the underground palace through to proceed witht he punishment. But just after one guard unlocks Pacific's cage, she shoots them with her poison darts. Then, she grabs in her bag one of the many smoke bombs she stole.

"You stole more?"

"Yah.." Pacific said and set it off. Just as the smoke was rising in the room and covering all seeing objects, Pacific grabbed the set of keys that unlocks the cages and unlocks the cages to her friends.She then puts the keys into her pouch. They all escape. But just before they leave the room, Pacific aims a poison dart at Queen Elizibeth. A screech splits the air and the dragonets speed into the halls.The sound of many dragon claws pounding the ground sounds behind them, letting them know that the king's vision is clear and he sent out soldiers to go and get the dragon's that killed his wife.

"Hurry!!" Pacific said. Just then, she saw Scorch speed past her nose, running for his life. He was breathing hard. They dragonets ran till they found the way out. They sprited out of the cave and took off into the air. They kept flapping till they thought they were safe. But the sound of distant flying is heard behind them. The soldiers were catching up. The dragonets then dived  and aimed for the water. Once they reached the water, they dove in. But before the plunge, they took deep breaths. Except for Pacific. She could breathe underwater.

The soldiers saw them plunge and looked confused. They just dove right in! They then turned around, knowing none of them wants to go in the water. They flew back. As soon as they were out of sight, the drgaonet's poped their heads above the water. They took deep breaths.

"Okay... We lost them... well, now we cant go back to your place Scorch. They might know if we survive, they will be there, guarding the place." Coldfront said. She kinda liked that place.

"Well, where do we go now?" Scorch said, still a little shaky. 

"You know, i dont really know.. I mean, we've been wanted in the NightWing Kingdom and now in the SandWing Kingdom. Cause i mean, wont those soldiers be watching every where in the kingdom?" Pacific said. "And we have gotten this far, we are not gonna go back to the Sea Kingdom."

"Why? You two like it there" Scorch said, forgetting that they were going with Coldfront to find her tribe. 

"Hello, Stupid. We are going with Coldfront to make sure she doesnt get into any trouble on the way there." Pacific said and whacked Scorch on the back of his head. 

"Ow!" Scorch said and rubbed the back of his head. 

"Well, maybe there is another kingdom we can go to that has nothing to do with any of the kingdoms we have already been to. Is there?" Orion said. Then, the idea of where to go springs to life in Pacific, Coldfront, and Scorch's mind. As if they were more linked than they were, they all said the same place. 

"The RainWing Kingdom!"

Chapter 7 - First Storm

The three dragons turned there heads toward where the RainWing Kingdom. Not far on the right, on the horizon, the look of storm clouds. They looked menicing.

"If we make it, we might be able to beat those clouds." Coldfront said, determined. She really wanted to see what her home was like. 

"Well, we better hurry then." Pacific said. Then, pacific went upon shore and the others followed.

"Dry your wings off, then, we leave." Pacific said. All dragons dried their wings and signaled they were ready. 

"Okay. lets go." pacific said. They all launched into the air. But almost immidiatly after a few miles, wind started to blow, but it wasnt enough to blow the dragons off track. They just kept flying. But the more they reached thier desination, the more rough the winds became. They were having a hard time flying. But soon, they made it. And just in time. The Winds were becoming almost unflyable.

"Well, we made it. lets get inside the shelter of the trees. I think rain is coming." Pacific said and the dragons went in the trees. Almost as if he knew they were coming, Acid appeared. 

"Hey guys! what are you doign here? A storm's coming in." Acid said, hearing the wind whistle through the trees. "Never mind that. just follow me. i know a place were we can wade the storm out."Acid said and led the dragons deep into the forest. Soon, Acid stopped.

"Hey, Acid, i thought you knew what you were doing" Scorch said, getting worried about the storm. Acid just poked the ground a bit.

"This is no time for drawing!" Pacific said. Just then, a low rumbling sounded and an opening appeared in the ground.

"Com'on! Get inside!" Acid said. The dragons all filed in. Acid went last, since he was the only one who knew the code for closeing it. Once they reached a room underground, after running in a slant, they all settled in and sat on bed of hay, moss, feathers, and fur. Acid came in later and sat in another bed. There were like, four or five mores after the Dragonets occupied them.

"Seriously, why are you all here? Why arent you all at your homes?" Acid said, finslly knowign it was safe.

"Its a loooong story" Coldfront said. She then, explained it all, with the other dragons adding pieces along the way. Soon, Acid was properly infromed.

"Hmm. so i see. Well, this is the closest to the IceWing kingdom as you can get. I mean-"

"Yes, i know." Coldfront said.

"Oh, yah, i almost fergot. Acid, this is Orion, the Orion." Coldfront introduced the NightWing. Acid seemed delighted to meet him.

"Hi, im Acid." 

"Yes, ive heard." Orion replied. They seemed like they would make the best to friends.

"Well, we have to wade the storm out, guys." Acid said, getting back on topic. The Dragonets all groaned. By the looks of it, it was gonna be a long storm. So, they just played games for a while. Soon, the sound of thunder stopped. But rain was still pattering.

"It sound like the lightning and thunder have stopped. Maybe, you should get going before more comes." Acid said. He led the way out of his hideaway and opened the entrance. Once the dragonets got out, he felt a need insdie him, a need that wanted him to join them on the journey.

"Hey, guys.." Acid said. The dragons turned around. "May i come with you?"

"Sure Acid! Its always good to welcome newcomers!" Coldfront said, motioning for him to join. Once they got moving, the rain began to stop and the sky began to clear. The Dragonet's looked up and saw the beautiful sky, the warm sun, and the fresh breeze.

"Ahh... im glad the sky cleared up!" Coldfront said, feeling the cold breeze. She strangly, liked the colder breeze better than the warm breeze that brushed her other side. 

"How much longer till we are out of this muggy forest?" Scorch wined. Coldfront and Pacific and Orion rolled their eyes. 

"Not much longer. About 1/4 mile left."

"UHgggAHAHAHH!! Another? You said that 1/4 mile a while ago!" 

"But im serious this time." Acid said. He normally wasnt used to seeing his friend be this winey. 'I wonder why that is..' he said to himself. But what they all didnt know, was that Scorch didnt like Orion really being there. And also, his feet hurt. But he just had to muscle through.

1/4 mile later and they arrive out of the trees. Scorch ran out and was rolling around on the ground. 

"Oh sweet ground! How much i love that your not squishy!" Scorch said happily. Then, he relized every one was looking at him. SO he got up and shook himself off. 

"Okay, where to go now?"

"Only one other place to get to the IceWing Kingdom.... SkyWing Kingdom...." Pacific said. All the dragons gulped.




"Well... we better get started. Pacific, do you have most of the materials we migth need?" Coldfront asked. Pacific nodded. She had several smoke bombs, differeing keys with different designs, jewels, poisonous berries, the map of Pyrria,plenty of mini water jugs, and several knives,held in protective jackets.

The Group of dragons finally got on the move toward the dreaded SkyWing Kingdom. Every step they took, felt like they were one step closer to death. Every moment that past felt like forever. But finally, they reached the border that signaled the edge and begining of SkyWing territory.

"Well... this is it. Once we pass, we cant turn back" Coldfront said. All dragons agreed and they all stepped on the territory together, claws all in a line. Their first step into new soil. They walked right over the territory line and began their long trek to the IceWing Kingdom edge on the other side of the territory.

The soil around them as they trek more, smells of charred sand and corpses. The dragonet's muscle up and ignore the scent. They still had more ground to cover as the sky turned pink and the sun was going down.

"We have to find shetler soon... the heat is unbarable and my feet are killing me" Scroch said, voicing all the other's throughts.

"Yah... we really should find a place to stay..." Coldfront said, the more tired of them all. They all knew IceWings werent meant for this kind of weather. But she was doing better than a normal IceWing would do.

"Hey... guys... i found a rock cave! Over there! In the distance!" Pacific says happily. The dragonets look in front of the horizon and there, lay a rock cave. At that, all the dragonets took to the skies and flew stright towards the cave. Once they reached there, they got inside and got ready to sleep. They drank some water, ate a scavenger that lived there and fell asleep. They were tired after the long day of treking.

Pink light enters the cave.

Chapter 8 - Love and Loss

The first to awaken was the IceWing. She got up, streched her wings and legs and sat at the mouth of the cave. She just watched the sunrise. She couldnt believe that she made it this far. 'I would never had made it here... if it wasnt for my friends.... friends are better than riches...' Coldfront thought. She heard stirring in the back and twitched her ears. The dragon that walked up next to her was none other than Orion. Coldfront blushed.

"Heh... sunrise is beautiful.. like... uh..." Orion gulps. He too was blushing. He didnt know why he got up, but he didi and sat next to her. 

"Th-the sun... reminds me.. of..." Orion hesitates. He realized that Coldfront didint turn her head, she was just listening to every word he said.

"The sun... it reminds me of..of.. how beautiful you look shining under the sun." Orion said. He continued.

"And.. the moon, there" The NigthWing says and looks at the still visable moon." The moon reminds me of how beautiful your eyes are, sparkling like little stars in the night." At that, Coldfront blushed more, now begining to show slight pinkness. There was a small spark begining to form between the two. It was like, somthing unexplainable... but, in a form of expression, it said all.

Orion moved his claw closer to Coldfront's till they were touching. Coldfront turned her head, smiling. Orion did the same. They leaned in close and put their wings up. They leaned in so close, their noses were touching. But just when one would think they would pull away, they kissed. The kiss lasted a while. The sunlight shone on the dragonet's wings, giving their wings a glow of diamonds. The sun rose up into the sky slowly. And slowly, the two dragon's pulled away, looking at the sky, how it turned from a bright pink to a shimmering light blue.

Back in the cave, stirring occured. First, pacific woke up. She rubbed her eyes and streched her legs. When she sat up, she saw the sun had rose. And at the mouth of the cave, sat Her best friend and the NightWing. Their claws were touching. Pacific sat there in awe, and understanding. She had always wondered why she  and Orion had always tossed each other weird looks. But now, the the truth shone as bright as the sun at noon.

Pacific got up and walked toward the two. She sat bewtween them. 

"I understand now..." Pacific whispered. Coldfront only twitched her ear and nodded slightly. Coldfront knew there was no hiding from her friend now. She knew the truth.

"Well, soon the others will awaken. We better get ready to leave." Pacific said. She got up and turned toward her pouch. She fiddeled in it, making sure they have all the rigth materials. While she was going through her pouch, she found a zipper compartment. Confused, she opened it up and found her and Coldfront's collars from when they were trapped in the NightWing dungeon place. 'Ahh... memories... i feels like its been forever sicne hten.. but its only been about a week.... time sure flies by when your exploring...' Pacific thought. Her thoughts were intterupted by two waking voices.

"Yaaaawwnnn.... Morning everyone.." Acid said as he woke up. Scorch slept a second mroe and was awoken by Acid. 

"Eaahhh....." Scorch wined.

"You were talking in your sleep again."

"Dang it! I hate it , yaaaawn, when i do that...." Scorch says and gets up.

"Ima go outside and do myexcersies"

"You dont do excersises." Pacific said when she closed the pouch and turned around. She put the pouch on and met Coldfront and Orion stadning outside the cave, standing rather close to each other.

"Ready?" Pacific asked them. They both nodded. Soon, all dragons head out of the cave and back to their journey. The sun soon rises higher in the sky as the dragons move. Orion notices Coldfront trailing a bit, so he slows down and shades her with his wing. Coldfront smiles and continues on. Scorch had happened to look back at that and saw that all happen. He grew even more jelous. Before, it was stable, but now, at any moment they speak, he could blow.

'Grr.... why is Orion doing that? i should be the one shading her!' Scorch though, jelously and selfishly. Scorch opened his mouth to say somthing snappy at Orion, untill a shadow in the sky caught his eye. The shadow was flying pretty low, but high enough that it wasnt recognizable. Apperantly, it was following them. Scorch, being overcome by jelousy, just ignored the shadow and kept walking on, grumpy.

Soon though, Pacific began to feel like, somthign was following them. Somthing unwanted. She turned her head around and saw a shadow in the sky. 

"Uhhh.... guys, look behind us!" Pacific said and the group turned around to see the shadow. The shadow realized it was spotted and lightened down, not far from the group. It folded it wings and walked slowly towards the group. The group took battle positions, prepareing if this was a threat, or if it had a whole squadrent of dragons here with it.

Once the shadow was within detail distance, they realize that its a SkyWing. The SkyWing looked mutated. He Looked like a hybrid between SkyWing and IceWing. He wore multiple ear rings on his horns, svevral dogtag necklaces, all having different imprints on them. They seemed famillar. He also had some rings on his wings, and he had a crystal imprinted on his head. Once he walks close enough, he speaks, in a teenage like voice. 

"Heh... so, are you the group who has been messing with my Dad's plans?" the hybrid said.

"By the way, im Frozenrain." He said.

"My dad isnt too happy... but arent we in luck? I happened to get what i was looking for."

"H-how did you know who we are?" Coldfront said. 

"Seriously? You dont know? Well, i asked TSNCPC and TSSMCPC and they told me your descriptions."

"Who is th-"

"H-how did you get past the guards and my dad?" Orion said.

"Oh? And are you the Son that escaped? Escaped the-"

"Top Secret NightWing Capture and Punishment Containment. Yes."

"Well, your Dad wants you to return. If i return you, i get a huge reward from him! And you get punished... What a sweet prize!" Frozenrain said, joyfully. 

"Im not going back" Orion protested. 

"Oh? and why is that?"

"I have friends... and... a girl friend" Scorch froze. 

Girl Friend 

"What?!?!" The group turned to Scorch. He looked angered. 

"Girl Friend?! With Coldfront?! YOU SON OF A- ILL KILL YOU!" Scorch shouted. He leaped, aiming for Orion.  Coldfront jumped in Scorch's path and she took the blow. She fell to the ground, tangled up with Scorch. Blood begins to trickle. Scorch gets up, getting ready to slash a claw at the dragon he knocked over, when he looked down. Coldfront lay there, a wound begining to bleed on her flank.

Scorch backs up and looks at his claws. Blood. For a few seconds, Scorch looked at her, feeling sadness, and begining to tear. Then, his sadness faded and turned back to rage.

"You know, Orion? You should go back to your dad. Cause, i mean, you deserve it, dont you? For taking Coldfront away from me! You stole her!" Scorch said, angered. His mucles rippled. Frozenrain walks up behind Scorch and places a claw on his shoulder. 

"You want revenge on these two?"

"Yes.. Not just those two, all of them. All of them... Will pay... YOU ALL WILL PAY!" Scorch said. Pacific stepped forward tills he was nose to nose with Scorch. Acid was on the ground, tending to Coldfront's wound. Orion was just frozen in his tracks. 

"You.... You... YOU HURT MY BEST FRIEND! MY SISTER! BAST-" Pacific was cut off as Scorch slapped her and raked his claws on her mussle, just enough that it shed blood. Pacific stepped back, horrified. Acid looked up at Pacific and saw blood oozing, and more blood on Scorch's claws. 

"Come... we have work to do.." Frozenrain said, turning around with Scorch.

Then, they flew off.

Chapter 9 - Control

The group was stone cold, as they watched the two dragons fly away. 'Why would scorch do that?' The group thought, without realizing. Pacific turned around to confront the rest of the group. Blood drippling down from her scars. Her face was shocked at frist, but then, with anger and raw determination.

"We lost Scorch... now, we have an enemy." Pacific said, hostlility in her tone. Orion, now out of his frozen state, shows his anger and confusion.

"I have no idea why he blew up like that, but he hurt my girl! Hes gonna pay....." Orion said, breathing a small flame. NightWings as calm and collected as him rarely ever got pi**ed off. Orion looked at the part of the sky where he saw those two dragons fly away. 

"I WILL get him... for hurting my girl..."

"And my sister..."

"And my best friend..." Acid said, jumping in with his words. Pacific and Orion turned in Coldfront's direction and sat down, looking at Acid. 

"We need to think of a plan..."Pacific said. She reached her claw up to Coldfront's face. She felt cold, as usual. But, she foudn out Coldfront passed out, as there was no reaction since she was tackled to the ground. Orion reached over and stroked her cheek gently. He closed his eyes and bent over Coldfront, begining to tear up. He was ofcrouse still angry, but he still felt deep sadness, cause he managed to injure her this much. He sat back up, wiped his tears away and stood up.

"Fron this day forth, i proclaim Scorch an Enemy!" Orion said. Teh other drgaons chimed in and stood up.

"You hear me? YOU ARE NOW, EXILED!!!" Orion screamed. Soon after the chanting was over, the dragonets decided to get going and fiind a new place to live untill the IceWing got better. They walked and walked untill they found another cave and settled in.

Meanwhile, Frozenrain and Scorch were flying farther and farther away from Scorch's old frineds.

"Dont listen to them. They just want to hurt you more with...with that NightWIng showing compassion to what was rightfully claimed yours." Frozenrain said. Scorch agreed with a small smile.

"Yes... your right. If i stayed any longer, i would have been mocked... laughed at for having such a foolish idea... That would have been word for word of what they said.." Scorch said. Frozenrain just looked with fake understanding. he knew, if he could get a SandWing to fall victim for him, he could take the DNA of him, and give it to his dad, so he could have a stinger. And if there was any left, his dad would give him some.

"Yes... its a good thing you left. Now, you can help me... with a project ive been working on." Frozenrain said, pretending to sound loving.

" Yes... your just the perfect dragon for this job..." Frozenrain said. Scorch's smile brightened. He didnt know what he was in for. He just thought that he, already, was chosen for an important job that will affect the whole of Pyrria. 

"I cant wait. By the way, my name is Scorch."

"Well, Scorch... Hope your ready, cause your in for a biiig suprize..." Frozenrain said, protelling what would happen to him. But Scorch wasnt a NightWing, so he was too stupid to know what those words acutally ment. 

They twisted and turned in the air, till they began to see a faint castle in the distance. It looked more like old ruins. Most oft he towers had crumbled. Once they landed, they saw grand dragon statues, the lower half still standing. The walls looke dlike they would fall any minute, but they were very sturdy.

The two dragons entered, Frozenrain taking lead. They soon arrvied at two spiralling stair cases. One leading down, and one leading up, to who knows where. Frozenrain took the bottom stairs and walked down, motioning with his tail to follow him. Scorch hestiated for a bit, but then, followed the mysterious hybrid. Soon, they got to the bottom bottom floor, under two to three stories underground. Frozenrain stopped to let Scorch keep up. One they were all caught up, they began again, in curtain covered halls.

Soon, they ended up at a doorway. Frozenrain pulled out a key and unlocked it.

'This place seems soo.... so... barren. There are no guards, no subjects, not even slaves! The only things you would find here living is the greenery that grows and the ocasional Scavenger. Otherwise, noting, zip, notta' Scorch thought. He also began to wonder if this place was haunted. It seemed extrememly eerie, with the silence, and the shortage of dragons by a million.'There is probably a reason why there is no one here. Prolly its soo fantastic, they HAD to keep dragons away.' Scorch said in his mind. With that being said, energy began pulsing through his veins once more.

After they passed through several doors and hallways, one final door looked all gradient and important. Scorch's excitment raised. He knew, too, that this was the door. The door that would change... everything.

Frozenrain opens the door with another special key. The enter and the design of the room is strange. There were tubes of green liquid coming off the walls into giant containment cylnders. Inside the compartments were, well, mostly empty. Except for two. One had an IceWing in it and the other had a SkyWing in it. Then, tubes from a control panel at the bottom of the unit, ran along the floor to a giant machine on the left wall that looked like a generator. The generator was making the sound of compression. At the end of the machine, there was a dark hole that had goop dripping out. Holding the goop was a deep, cusioned dent in the floor. On the right side of the room however, there was mulitple holding chainbers with mutated dragon babies sleeping inside.

Scorch just looked around, impressed. He was completly oblivious about what was to happen. Frozenrain leads the dragon to the right wall. In between the chainbers, was a door. Frozenrain opened it up and it lead to a room of black and purple. The black walls in this circular room had glowing lines of purple going down them in odd directions. All reaching to two strange objects. One, looked like a teleporter. The other, a holding cell with strang collars hung up on hooks next to the cage.

Frozenrain lead Scorch into the chainber. Frozenrain quickly put the collar on and closed the door behind him.

"Hey! WHat gives?" Scorch roared. 

"Oh, nothing. Just, you becoming my personaly slave." Frozenrain said, meniaclly. He went to a pedistal with button, switches,and levers. He pressed a few buttons and pulled a lever. Teh sound of electricity was echoing off the walls. Smoke filled the chainber.

Once the smoke dissapeared, a tired SandWing layed there. Then, he got up and stood proud. His collar was glowing its eerie purple and green. And his eyes were a glowing light green. Frozenrain clapped and opened the chainber. He then, ushered Scorch into the other room.  Once there, he led him to a compartment. Scorch walked right in. Frozenrain then put things on him, on hsi legs, head, neck, wings, and tail. The IceWing SkyWing hybrid walked out, he closed the door, went to another pedistal and pressed more buttons. The compartment filled up with the green goop and the sound of DNA extracting sounded.

Later, two siringes plopped out of the generator. Frozenrain went to the divit in the ground and plucked them. He puts them in his sachel and walks back to the Hypnotized Scorch.

"Come. You must meet my dad. He will like you.." Frozenrain said as he walked next to his slave, ushering him with his wing. They go then, into another hidden door and they find there is a teleporter. They both step on it and teleport instanly. Once in a room decorated black, they exit out fo the room and head up an orange rocky slope. On each side of the slope were small rivers of lava. And the slope had a red carpet with golden linings. By the flows, there were torches lit leading up to where a giant IceWing and SkyWing hybird sits, in a giant golden chair, decorated with the finest jewels.

"Hmm.. I see you brought me something." His father said, examining Scorch. 

"Yes. He, is ours." Frozenrain said. He pushed Scorch so that he was right in front of the giant dragon. He bowed.

"Strong one, is he not?"

"Oh, he will aid us in defeating his own..."

"This... this was?"

"Yes... yes, it was"

Chapter 10 - Normal is Normal

"Uhrghhh.... wh-where am i?" said the perviously unconcous dragon, Coldfront. She tried to get up, but immidatly fell back down. Whatever it was preventing her from getting up, it must have been powerful. Or maybe just a part of her imagination. Whatever it was, she was still laying.  Since there was nothing for her to do, she just examined her surroundings. It was a cave. And byt looking outside, it was close to sundown.

" long have i been asleep?" Coldfront asks to herself. A voice from behind her stratles her.

"About the rest of the day." Pacific said as she walking within her Periferal veiw. She walked up and sat next to her friend. She had the face of a revenge seeker. It was weird cause her Seawing friend almost never had that face.  Something must have went wrong. But, the Icewing thought and though and couldnt think of anythign she could remember if she was concous for it.

"Ho-how did this happen?" Coldfront asks. She is a bit dizzy. She touches her face and feels a wound, dry with dried up blood. Startled, she take her claw off fast."H-how did i get this?" She says, panicy. Pacific took a deep breathe and began a very brief explination.

"You see...  Scorch-"

"S-scorch? What? What about him? Did something happen?" Coldfront interupted. She looked around and saw no Sandwing anywhere.

"Scorch... betrayed us.. I remeber the scene all to vividly... Scorch was just about to damage Orion. But, you may not remeber, but, you, Coldfront, you lunged on instinct, shielding Orion. You took the blow to your head and got..that..."Pacific said and nodded to the wound.

"Then, Frozenrain-"

"Oh...him... i HAATE him..." Coldfront hissed.

"Yes, you should. Cause, he convinced Scorch that he was being misguided and betrayed. And so, we saw Scorch leave with Frozenrain." Pacific finished. Coldfront looked confused at first. But then, she comprehended it in her head and put pieces together.

"So... your saying, Scorch, is evil now? All cause of his emotions?" Coldfront asked. "Emotions? Wait, wait, wait. Hold it. H-how did you figure out it was his emotions driving him to total crazy?" Pacific asked. "It was his emotions that got in the way? How did you know that?"

"Well... i can remeber what happened before i lept. Scorch was radiatating a certain heat that i was suprized i even felt. But it must have been triggered to something in the area for the radiation to acutally be emmited..." Pacific's jaw gaped. She never knew her friend, the bestest and weirdest Icewing in Pyriaa, to Pacific's own record, was this smart.

"Wait! There was something i think on Frozenrain... Something making him feel weird. Cause.. i felt weird too when he was there. I felt... i needed to defend something and quick. I think what ever it was, made me leap and take the hit..." Coldfront concluded. And just in time too because when a black dragon head poked its head through the room, he ran in and glomped Coldfront. He wrapped his wings around her as he hugged her.

"Oh, Coldfront, im so glad your awake!" He said. "Ive been worried!" Coldfront giggled and Orion let her up. She sat up finally and shook her wings. They were stiff from being unused in a while. She settled herself. Then, Acid comes walking in.

"Oh good, you awake." Acid said. He walked up to her, turned her head and looked at the wound. "And its healing nicely! Thats good. Soon, we should get going. The water levels will run low and we might not have enough to survive the treck back."

"Then, we should get going." Coldfront said, ready to start walking. The others agreed. Tehy all got their sleep, waiting from her to wake up. Everyone was refreshed.

"One good thing about going at night, most dragons are sleeping." Colfront pointed out.

"Well, we should team up, since Pacific can see in the dark and i guess so can Orion. ill go with Pacific and Coldfront, you go with Orion." Acid said. They all nodded and headed out. They of course packed their things. Once they set off, the sun was down and the starry sky was all they could see. It was beautiful.

Orion took a glance at his Girlfriend and saw the stars refecting off her eyes. She looked perfect. Well, in his eyes.

"Isnt the night beautiful?" Coldfront said to Orion.

"Yah... but.. not a beautiful as you." Colfront blushed and nuzzled his neck. She made sure she was a close to him as possible, while still giving him room to walk. Meanwhile, Pacfic and Acid where walking almost same pace close by. They stood futher a part that Orion and Coldfront because, they werent tightly bonded like them. They werent.. in love.

Anyways, they walked throughout the night. The occasional clouds whisped by the moon, looking relaxed and worriless.

 'oh, those lucky clouds! All they have to do is float all day! Not even having a care in the world! Meanwhile, im here, the only of three here to protect Coldfront from the traitorous clutches of Scorch' Orion thought in his mind. He knew he had to protect his maiden. Even if it ment killing himself in the process.

Lost in his thoughts, Orion didnt realize that he straggled a bit, Coldfront unaware of him not being there. He realized this and ran to catch up with her, pretending he never slowed. He then put his wing over her back and pulled her close. She nuzzled his neck and lay her head on his neck, her eyes closed in the sweet feeling of affection and the sensation of closeing her eyes to enjoy his scales, slightly cold. Just the way she liked it.

Orion just looked down on her and touched his nose tip to hers. She smiled with all the sweetness in a cherry. He slowly moved his nose away from hers. They truly were in love. There was no doubt now. Life was perfect... Aside from the fact that Scorch is out there somewhere, plotting his revenge. But that wasnt what was on the NightWing's mind currently. Meanwhile, Pacific and Acid chatted in whispers.

"Do you hope that the SkyWing army wont be waiting for us at the border? I mean, if FrozenRain knew, then he had ougth to have told his army." Acid said, worried.

"Lighten up. They wont! Now if you dont mind, its almost daylight." Pacific replied.


"Yes you stupid lug." Pacific said playfully. "Look, over there!" Pacific indeed was pointing to the direction of light. The sun was arising.

By the time the sun had risen, they kept trecking. After a few hours, they began to feel cold and see whitness in the distance. With renewed vigor, they started running, then leaped into the air and caught a wind and flew to the expaning whiteness. They stopped once they reached a few miles into the snow. They hurriedly found a cave. They went in and it started to slope downwards immmidatly. They followed it down till they reached the empty cavern. It was warm. And there was dead animal in a pile. They seemed uneaten and unscented.

Soon, the group settled in and started a fire. They took the raw meat and cooked it. After it was cooked, they ate it. After the meal, the group told ghost stories. Each telling sotries eriee and chilling. A few times Coldfront got scared and cuddled to Orion. Orion just wraped his wing around her, keeping her safe. After the stories, all the dragonets went to sleep, with full stomachs and warmth.

Soon it was morning. Coldfront was the first to wake. She lifted her head and rubbed the bleariness out of her eyes. She got up slowly, as not to wake Orion. After getting out quietly, she walked up the rocky slope and exited the cave. She opened her wings and stretched. The cold felt good on her scales. One stretching was done, she walked to a hill and sat on top. The IceWing looked into the distance of which the fluffy white stretches. As far as she could see was pretty far.

'well... my journey is coming to a close... hope i do find my tribe...' Coldfront thought to herself. Just then, she heard the slight sound of wing beats. She twitched her ears as it got closer. Once it was close enough, she got up and spun around to confront the visitor. Another IceWing. She backed up, startled, openign her wings incase it was needed. The IceWing just floated down, looking calm. It landed and held out a claw to Coldfront; then he spoke.

"Hello, Fellow IceWing. My name is Storm." It said in a male voice. His appearence was of a more icy-blue. He was wearing what looked like a tooth necklace. A Shark tooth to be exact. The Female IceWIng just stood there, suspicous.

"C'mon. I wont bite! I promise." Strom said gently. Finally, Coldfront retured the gesture. "Im Coldfront..."

"What a pretty name. It really suits you!" Coldfront nodded and accepted the prase. He continued, "So, whats an IceWng like you doing this far near the SkyWing border?" Coldfront stood there.

The question was simple, but discirptive. She didnt want to say. He could be a spy afterall.

Chapter 11 - Going home?

"Hello? Heeelloooo? Cooooolldfroont?" Storm waved his talon in her face and her attention snapped back to him. SHe had been thinking for, how long was it...? Maybe a few minutes. She hadent realized he was getting curious.

"i- i uhhh..." Coldfront had to come up with something, and something quick. "I was just... checking to see if... if any Skywings came... Y'know... t-to...."

"To Protect the Queen?" Storm guessed.

"yah, that. No Skywings to be seen, yet" She replied, with fake feriocity. Folding her wings, she appeared calm again.

"Weelll... Hey..." his attention was focused on somthing behind her. Smoke was billowing out a cavern in the ground. "uhh... Why is... that on fire?" 

Coldfront slowly moved her head to where he was looking. At first, her face a quizical. Then, fear. She couldt let him know she was here with other dragons! Storm looked at Coldfront to see her reaction. "Wh- are you scared? Is there something your afraid of, or somethign your not telling me?"

"I- uhhh..." Coldfront stuttered. "Gotto go!" She made a break for it. Too late. She couldnt move for she was tackled to the ground. Her claws scrabbled feebily in front of her on the snow. She get egtting clumps of snow, occasional dirt. Storm just stayed on her untill she stopped struggling.

"There is something your not telling me, isnt there?" Storm said, flicking his tougne. Sighing, Coldfront stopped, realizing it was futile to try and go without telling him.


"Whos in there?"

"M... my friends..."

"Are any of them Skywings?"


"Id like to meet them." Storm replied." If you let me up, i will" Coldfront snapped. Storm got off the Female Icewing. Coldfront got up and led the way into the cavern. The deeper the two went in, the louder voices got and the warmer it became.

Soon, the sloping floor angled into flat, smooth rock. Pacific was cooking a meal, while Acid was checking the supplies and holding a conversation with her.Orion was lightly sleeping. The sound of talons caused Pacific to look up. Her face lightened.

"Coldfront!" She said. Orion lifted his head and he smiled. His ears perked slightly. Coldfront stepped into the warm cavern. As soon as she walked in, she smiled, happy to see her friends and her Boyfriend. But it was soon replaced to the feeling of dread. How where they gonna react to this mysterious dragon?

"Hey, uhmm, hows it going?" She said, casually.

"Its pretty good, except Acid keeped worring his scales off that we are missing something. And i KNOW we arent." Pacific replied. She strained her head and then squnted her eyes. Her glow-spots started rippling light and her gills flared. "Coldfront, could you tell me, who is with you?"

Coldfront gulped and straightened. Orion looked to try and see who was with her too. "Th-this... this is, Storm... hes uhmm... he followed me here... He wouldnt leave, so i had to take him here..." Storm moved out from behind her and waved his talon. Orion squinted and shifted his talons. His wings shifted slightly.

"What, you trying to read my mind, Nightwing?" Storm said, pretending his head hurt. He smiled and flicked his tounge. His tougne glittered gold. As he retracked his tounge, his tounge pericing glinted. "Ah ha! I was jsut kidding. Your prolly good at like, something else." Storm took it upon himself to find a place to sit. He decided to sit next to the fire. Close to Pacific. Coldfront just walked from where she was and steeled herself next to Orion, snuglling up to him. Orions face went from hostile to soft with a sweet smile.

Finally, Acid looked up. "No matter how much it might hurt me to say this, ill say it now... Pacific, you were.. right. We were never missing anything..."

"Told ya!" Pacific said, smiling triumphantly. Her face lightened even more when she realized the fod was ready. She took it and cut pieces out for eveyr dragon with her dragon tooth knife. Every dragon except Storm. He just shrugged.

All the dragons ate, chatting a little in between bites. After the meal was done, the traveling plans were to be arranged. Coldfront, Pacific, Acid, and Orion walked into a room that looked like it was a planning room. Acid came in with the sachel and poured it comtents out on the table.

It spilled out some key rings with keys, a map, The Dragon-tooth knife, some small jars of medicine,A LOT of smoke bombs, a canteen of water, and a light used for searching for things in the darkness. And not to mention the strange blue and green swirrled gems that just happened to be there. Acid took the map and Pacific put the rest of the things in her small but large on the inside sachel and straps it around her.

Spreading the map out, Acid pins the corners with rocks. Pacfic put her talon on the table-like rock outcropping. The dragons soon got to discussing their plans.

"Well, we are here, Coldfront. This is the beging of what you were born into..." Pacific said. Coldfront nodded.

"Its getting rather cold the more we walk, and i don't want dead frozen dragons, so, ill have to go in alone..." Coldfront said. Pacific looked at her with understanding. Acid looked a little cold and Orion looked sad. Already within a span of probably a week, this all had happend. And it went by so fast... 

"We all miss you... " Acid said. "When will you leave thought?"

"I feel i should tomorrow. If im gonna be gone, mine aswell spend the day with you guys..." Coldfront said, like she agrred with herself. They all nodded. Acid took off the rocks and rolled the map up, and tied it with a red ribbon. Puttign it in her Sachle, Pacific closed it up and put it aside for now.

"Well then, what should we do?" Acid said? The dragons were all confused. Then, Coldfront got an idea.

"Why not play in the snow?" Codfront suggested.

"Arent we a little too old?" Acid asked. Pacific just rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Your never too old to play in the snow!" Pacific said. "Then afterwards, we can come in here and drink something hot to warm ourselves up. And Then, we could tell stories!"

Coldfront nodded and so did Orion. "Sounds like a plan!" Soon, all four of the Dragons walked out fo the room. Storm was there, watching the fire. Then he looked at them as they filed out. The dragons just ignored him while chatting. They stood at the begining of the slope.

"Race ya!" Orion challanged. 

"Ill beat you!" Pacific said, getting in a running position.

"Not if i reach it first!" Acid said. His tail was swishing. Not responce from Coldfront.

"Where did she- Hey!" pacific said as she spotted Coldfront already racing up the slope. The others ran follwed aswell. And so, their possable last day had begun. They played in the snow all day untill it got dark. They went inside afterward ate some good meat taht pacific had caught sometime during the day. After that, they drank something warm and told stories untill they fell asleep. Coldfront fell asleep first, with the last thing she remebered, Orion.