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Comet has black scales and a purple under belly. She has almost black eye brows and grey horns. She also has brown eyes and a tear drop near them.


SEE NIGHTSLAYER'S DRAGONSONA POST. She will appear in "The misunderstood dragon".


Comet is very friendly and kind to everyone, but because of her love to cats, some IceWings and other tribes bully her. She likes to play with cats and she can understand them.

Gallary X3


She has the ability to read minds, but it is stronger than her sisters'. She can relate to cat's feelings and knows a lot about them, hinting that she wants to be a Cat Vet.


She has autism, but it's not as strong as her sister's. She also has a bit of asthma, so she has to take medicine if she gets freaked out or scared and can't breath. Luckily, this very rarely happens.


  • Her favorite color used to be pink, but now it's blue. However, she still likes pink.
  • It is unknown when she started loving cats, but she loves them as much as her sister (maybe even more...)
  • If she had a dragonet and was female, she would name her Sirica, the Wings of Fire name would be Violetspikes. If she had a male dragonet, she would name him Arthur, the Wings of Fire name would be Trustheart.
  • When she was younger, she was interested in Egyptian things like King Tut. It is unknown if she still likes it.