Wings of Fire: On Thin Ice Cover

Cometsky is a SwiftWing that will appear in RimeTheIceWing's soon-to-be fanfiction On Thin Ice. Her mother died while she was still an egg and she was taken in by Eris. She is currently in training to become an assassain like Eris, but is barely good at stealth yet. She is a terrakinetic with a white eye glow.


She is a very light grey, almost white. Cometsky has dark blue hair the is quite spiky and goes all the way down her neck. Her stripe is orange-red in color and she has a thin frame. She has several wounds from training usually, but barely has any scars unlike Eris. Cometsky is still a dragonet and rather small.


She is very kind but rather wary due to Eris's constant warnings and conditionings. She would really love to be in a life where she doesn't have to kill dragons, but she does it to keep food on her and Eris's plate. She lives very far from most other dragons and is socially awkward due to very little social interaction with other dragonets. However, she has a tendacy to be forgetful and quite loud for an assassain, but is quite cunning and smart in tough places.