Come Little Children

A Depressioning story by FrozenLife

.:This Story is a Work in Progress:.

Chapter 1

Blood spills on the floor. Suprized gasps surround the body that lay limply on the now, cold floor.

Drip Dirp.

The blood drips of a bloodied claw. The figure of the claw raises it and licks the blood off, joyously. The snake-like tounge wrapping the claw, taking the remians.

Mouth hanging open, in a gaping sorrowfull drop, the figure kneels to the ground. Weak, with wobbly knees give away under the figure. The figure bows to the higher order, promising to obey every law.

The higher figure smiles.

"To... to you... I..."

cough cough.

"I...bestow upon you..."


"Upon you... loyalty..." The fallen soul choked out. After then, it blacked out. There, on the floor. Next to the body.

Smiling, the killer turns and orders, "Send that pile of heap back to its dirty home. After than, burn the corpse." The killers hard, strong voice replied as it left the room


"Bu-but... but where's mama? She's supposed to be here! And big bro!" a whiney voice rang through the dirty, musty cave. The voice of a little dragon girl.

"Shh, shh. They'll be back.... don't worry...." The fatherly figure replied, desperately hoping his cooing softness would do the trick. Meanwhile, an older female dragon was in the small ffire pit roasting a skinny hog. The hog was barely big enough to fill two dragon bellies. More or less five. But, food was food and here, food should, and shalt not be wasted. The whiney voice kept going on and on till,

Click Click Click

Big muscular dragon guards started pulling in the passed out body of a grown female dragon. The plopped it down and left, without a word, their metal armor clinking as they went. Once gone, the slight tang of fresh blood rang in the air. The scent was emanating from the body.

The family soon ran to the dragoness's side and carried her to a medium sized room. The younger female dragon went to go and prepare water and soup for the mother-like dragon. Meanwhile the father figure ushered out the little whiney dragon and closed the door, rushing back to her side and holding her hand, hoping for awakening

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


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