Color Wheel

Art by Talonsofpeace123

ColorWheel was a RainWing in his past life, but now is a Specterwing.


Colorwheel is technically a color wheel. His body ins multicolored and all of the colors of the rainbow. He doesn't have back legs, for they just turn to mist. His wing membranes are ordered in the rainbow. And he has the classic whiskers of the Specterwings.


One day, he and his friend, Capuchin, were walking through the forest in search of some fruits, when they crossed the path of a jaguar. The big cat had leaped at Capuchin, but Colorwheel blocked him off. The 2 beasts had an epic showdown, but only the jaguar's heart still beated. Colorwheel was dead. But not before lightning struck his body, lifting his spirits out of his corpse. The last sentence he said before leaving were: "Good bye, my old friend! Tell that beast of a cat, I'll be back!!"

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