Improved Coldfront


Custom Icewing cahr
Coldfront is a pale white Icewing with a light blue underbelly. Her wing webs are a darker color than her main body. On her face is a small horn on her nose and yellow eyes. Her whip-like tail combines the colors found on her body in three separate segments. Around her neck is a faux-gold necklace with lazuli gemstones embroidered.


Coldfront is a very outgoing dragon and is quite friendly. She is more likely to accept new friends than her Seawing sister Pacific. Coldfornt will lots of times jump into trouble, Pacific right behind to make sure she doesnt get hurt.


Coldfront has all the same abilities as a normal Icewing. The only ability that separates her from them is, because of genetic mutation, she was born with webbing between her claws. Because of this, she is able to swim well in the water, but only for a short period of time.