A preview of the art of the fanfiction Cold Darkness.

Cold Darkness is a fanfiction written by Stargazer. Now let's cool off with the summary.


Hail, a young IceWing, wants to be able to fly across the arctic. But every IceWing should know that it's dangerous. Then one day Chill (right picture) , a horrifying looking IceWing leaves to win the war with his great powers.

Hail must learn of real hope in order to stop Chill and end his legacy forer.


It was cold. Hail looked out to the sky. It was snowing, and the cold front that had been warned to come came. Soon enough, Hail saw an IceWing barge through. "Hey!" Hail called in annoyance, but the IceWing kept going. What is that dragon doing, pushing me over for no reason? Hail thought. Suddenly there was a large shadow that came across Hail. He thought it was a nice, fellow IceWing, but he looked to where the shadow lead to. Chill, a monstrous IceWing was sitting on a glacier. Suddenly he took into flight.

"Come back!" Hail called after him. But Chill continued to fly across the mountains of ice, away into the everlasting blizzard. 

Hail sighed. This was no fun.