Please don't steal the coding!!

Dragon Model
Creator Day
Artist filler
Main Attribute love
Elemental Attribute magic
Theme Animal fairy
Theme Color pink purple
Age 15 years
Gender demigirl
Occupation crafting
👍 crafting, sweets, sleeping, music, girls
👎 swimming, bitter food, being awake, being clingy
Tribe sea-unknown
Powers and abilities crafting
random girls
Quote "Why am I always tired?"

Clover belongs to me, Day! Please don't use her without permission! She's a tertiary sona!!


  • purple and PINK
  • mostly pink thoughhh
  • dark violet eyes!!
  • really skinny, bones are shown on her talons and shoulders
  • always a mess, has paint and clay on her talons
  • always tired and nice


  • kind and nervous
  • tired all the time
  • falls in love with every girl she meets
  • every girl is a Queen
  • shaky and on a single piece of cake
  • loves clay and crafts


  • crafting is good
  • clay!! loves making POTS and VASES
  • very bad at swimming
  • don't ask her to sing she could probably hurt your ears
  • sure getting enough sleep is cool but can you do this? stands up and blacks out for a second




  • based on the pink-purple clover flowers
  • scared of swimming
  • scared of horror (but watches it anyway)
  • will sleep anywhere
  • Clingy

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