Clover, normally. Base cred to HawkShadowofThunderC on Deviantart

LISTEN UP, she is a StoryTellerMadnessDragon OC.

A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.


When Clover hatched, her parents automatically melted with pride. They saw their beautiful daughter and held her close. Clover's tail had wrapped around-can you guess?-a clover. Her parents took it as a sign. Later, when Clover was older, her parents taught her to read and write, and then to talk. They told her to do so, and Clover's scales turned white with confusion. She wrote on her board, "I can't hear you." Horrified, her parents took her to the healers. The healers concluded that she was deaf and gave her her wooden tablet and stylus. Now, years later, Clover communicates with her tablet and works as a formal wear designer for RainWings. 


She keeps her scales at a clover green color, and her underscales are a sort of green-yellow. Her wing membranes are usually white. She wears a small circlet with flowery lace coming from it to shield her eyes, which are rumored to change color as well.


Clover is a formal wear designer for the RainWings, and also teaches venom-targeting when she's not working.


She's normally the sensible one, and gives fashion tips to her fellows. She thinks outside the box and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal.


  • Clover's name was based off the Hunger Games character, Clove.
  • Clover is known to have a tranquilizer dart on her at all times, which she hides behind her ruff.
  • Clover is deaf, and communicates by using a wooden slate.

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