Cloudfire is a mutant Skywing and one of the Four Flames. He was created by FourFlames as her OC. He cannot be used by anyone other than his owner without permission. He is a protagonist in the discontinued fanfiction "Wings of Fire: The Four Flames Saga."


Cloudfire is a huge scarlet and flame-colored Skywing with a blind eye on his left, inflicted internally within his egg during hatching. His eyes are supposed to be green. 

Cloudfire wants to know the 'why' to everything. He likes to study, read, and often asks technical questions that of course none of the Four Flames can answer. He also likes math and science. Intellectual, yes. Cowardly, never. Survival is everything to this dragon and he knows it from personal experience.
IMG 1626

Minecraft Cloudfire


Cloudfire has Skywing powers. He has fire, fast flying, and extremely good fighting skills, as well as his intelligence. He has the strange ability to reflect fire, but ONLY fire.


SOLAR FLARE: Cloudfire is okay with her being in charge and assigning tasks. He usually checks with her first though, to make sure it is a smart move. He sees her as a very good sister. However, he sometimes irritates her and she is often eyeing him carefully.

SUPERIOR: Even though this Nightwing dragonet is like his sister, they have an intense sibling rivalry. Cloudfire, being more of the logical, calm dragon, and Superior being the crazy, random, annoying and competitive dragon, they constantly tick each other off, but they don't hate each other.

STALACICLE: Cloudfire likes the Icewing like a little brother. He is sweet, caring and very creative and always ready to help others.

STRIGIFORMES: Cloudfire is fond of his dad but often annoyed by his silly banter. He does love to talk about science and mathematics with him, and shares a normal father-daughter bond.

BOOKS: He hoards lots of books and hates it when other dragons touch them....


"Stop being negative, Solar, we're fine."

"Woah! That is amazing, I should write down notes on that."

"Hmm. No, that's not the answer I was looking for."

"That palace is huge! I wonder if anybody's measured it."


He is the physical representation of the true color Green.

Cloudfire was originally named Hecate. That name was tossed, and so was the following one, Skyfall.

Cloudfire is the largest of the Four Flames.

In his Minecraft prototype, his left eye is green and his right eye is scarred, instead of his left eye being the scarred one.

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