Cloud Water

Cloud Water on the cover of Sky and Sea

Okay, you know the drill. WindRider2501 OC. He's a SkyWing/SeaWing hybrid of The Opposites Trilogy.


Cloud Water is a loner, never aspiring for company. He is a little emo and suicidal. He is easy to anger, and never wanted to have a big important destiny set upon him.


He can shift back and forth between a SkyWing and SeaWing. Like the other Opposites, he must change form to gain the abilities. If he's dry, he will be a SkyWing. If wet, even if it's just a little, he will turn into a SeaWing.


Cloud Water was never popular, nor was he a 'lower-classer'. He was thrown into the goth clique, but he never spoke to anyone. He was normally bullied and pushed around. He is silent about it and will not do anything unless it is horrible. When he met the other Opposites, he just glared at them coldly. He is nine years old.


As a SkyWing, he has orange-red scales and orange underscales. His wing membranes are light green.

As a SeaWing, he has light green scales and dark blue underscales. His wing membranes are orange-red.

He also wears a cloak, with a gem that changes color with him. Red when he is a SkyWing, green as a SeaWing.

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