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When he was very little his mom and his dad were at war. During the war his dad was assassinated. His mom was heartbroken over his father's death. She could not take care of CloudWalker and he was abandoned by his mother in the rainforest. As a result of this, he was adopted by the RainWings. After the war, his mother was reunited with him. He got married to Gleam. They had two children -one boy and one girl- and after awhile CloudWalker became an assassin. He had a happy life, except when he had to kill innocent dragonets. When he was about 10 he found out he was a hybrid; a Nightwing/SwiftWing hybrid. He thought less of himself because he was part NightWing and he hated his mother for lying to him. However, his abilities do come in handy sometimes. He never knew his father.


CloudWalker is a SwiftWing with a dark green mane and an aqua blue stripe. His main scale color is grey. His eyes have a a very dark green. He looks nothing like a NightWing but a regular SwiftWings little people know his secret.


He is usually the dragon that is a prankster but at times can be serious if his friends are getting hurt in battle. When around lots of dragons, he can be shy and feel awkward. However, other times he is adventurous and risky. He is also very nice and happy and once you get to know him you'll be glad you did.


Since he is a Night/SwiftWing hybrid, is a fast flyer and has retractable claws but is extremely weak against venom and fire he can get severe burns and once he is hit with venom he has to have the antidote in at least thirty minutes or can die or get infected and become ill. His friends always carry stuff to cure venom they try not to get in to too much trouble with SandWings and RainWings.

He might have had a little crush on Lightningstrike at school.

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