I'm not sure why it took so long to create this, meh.

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Clathor has primary jade colored scales and dark blue secondary scales. He has no wings, which is possibly a birth defect. He has a longer but thinner tail then most Seawings. His luminous scales glow a dull silver color. His eyes are a white color, possibly like the color of sea foam.


Clathor was usually the dragonet to be in the back of the class, reading or doing some activity. What he really did was make designs for buildings and inventions. He describes himself as a scientist, engineer, architet, and many other things. He also loves and is obsessed with reading any kind of scroll. He also likes to write and is a moderate contributor to the SeaWing libary. He is usually quiet, keeping to himself. In truth, he is random and fun loving. He enjoys hanging out with friends,having a good time.


He is extremely clever, able to deduce weaknesses in many things. Due to him not being able to fly, he is a powerful swimmer and runner, able to outpace many dragons on the ground. He is fragile, but he is quick and difficult to hit. He also wields a trident, which he is able to wield using his talons or his tail.


He is actually one of the first dragon Lord made.
The eye color is a trait many dragons of Clathor's famliy share.