Citrus the RainWing


Citrus is an female adult RainWing who has left the forest long ago to seek adventure. She has a very potent venom and due to her not having wings at birth, not able to fly on her own. She is not very skilled in camouflage, often missing one key trait of the thing she wants to look like, but sometimes gets it right.


She looks pretty much like a normal RainWing except for the fact she doesn't have wings. She is medium build, not fat or skinny and her scales are often orange-yellow or light green.


She is bubbly and friendly but has a tendency to be impatient. She is sensitive about her missing wings and refuses to talk about it. She really likes the fruit she was named after, but can almost never have it unless she's in the rainforest, which she despises. Citrus likes citruses, adventuring and sun (like most RainWings). However, she hates water and wishes she could fly rather than swim through the water. She has many friends and loves to socialize.