Cicada is a 10 year-old MudWing. She tests on the scienceborns.


Cicada is caring and would sacrifice herself to anyone she loves. However, she is slightly more cruel and hateful towards the scienceborns. Cicada loves to experiment on Kraken and Grace the most for some unknown reason. She loves to argue and is very good at ranting. Cicada uses death threats barely anymore, but she used to use them constantly.



Cicada was hatched into a line of MudWings that were known for their intelligence. She lived up to her parent's expectations.



Cicada was one teal eye, and the other is mossy green. Her main scales are a dark amber with flat muddy streaks. Cicada seems to "glow" a golden honey color. Her underscales are a pure bark brown with a salmon pink birthmark that is the shape of delta. Cicada sometimes wears a necklace with a jade amulet on it.

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