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Author's notes

ILG: I'm really stuck in a situation right now. Starspeaker or Sunnyflight? ARRRGGGG! Why is this SO HARD! I've decided to write a FF about it and see what fate chooses. That is the purpose of this.

Important (PLZ READ!)

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Choosing between loving and being loved PART l

~Chapter one~


She cared for him. He just didn't realize it. At least a year after the war they had opened the school in the tunnels of Jade Mountain. It was early in the morning and the students had not yet come. Starflight lay asleep on a bed with bandages over his eyes. Most of his other burns had healed but his eyes were starting to seem permanent. Fatespeaker was watching him. She glanced over to Sunny and felt a stab of jealousy when she saw that Sunny and Starflight's talons were locked together.

She turned around to avoid the jealousy spreading within her and flew off to go set up the class rooms. She unlocked the library and made sure the books were ordered alphabetically. She then walked over to her favorite class. Above the cave entrance was a sign that said, "Self-defense training." She walked into the open room and took a deep breath. It was a large area with a board at the front for writing. The walls were worn down with scratches from the day before.

Fatespeaker thoughts traveled back to Starflight and Sunny and the jealousy she's felt. As the jealous reappeared twisting in her stomach she turned to go check on him only to jump back in surprise from the dragon standing there. It was Sunny. The first thing she said was, "Is Starflight up?" Sunny's reply was, "No, he's not." Sunny looked up at her. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Oh, um, right now i'm going to go check on Starflight." Fatespeaker replied.


He was dreaming about Sunny, or, about the last time he saw her. He was in the RainWing kingdom admitting how he felt. But he remembered similar feeling for Fatespeaker. Should take Fatespeaker? She love him back the way he loved Sunny, but going with Fatespeaker after i already told Sunny? It seems a bit rejecting. Either way, I make one happy and one feel bad. 

He was shaken out of his dreams to an everlasting blackness. "S-Sunny?" He coughed. "No, Fatespeaker," she replied.