China is a peaceful yet impatient RainWing who is of the age 6.


China is a very peaceful dragon, not usual for dragons, eh? However, slow dragons get on her nerves, which is why she considers the MudWings as a least favorite. Although what burns her up the most is insulting her studies, her number one priority, yet luckily that has almost never happened in a lifetime. Messing with her while she is busy tend to annoy her, and worse she might even yell at the bothering dragon. She tries to keep calm - also in her studies - remaining her usual serenity around ignorant dragons.



On a cold, crisp morning, the tiny egg was brought out into the world. When she was born in the winter, her parents adored her. Her brother's eggs had almost been smashed, but soon, a terrible tragedy would happen.

When she very young, the NightWings attacked, the burned the beautiful trees to a crisp, they threw the terrified RainWings into the flames and water, drowning them. However, China hid for hours until it was over, when she slowly woke up, everything she love was gone. She searched far and wide for the answers, Why did this happen to me..?. When she found out, he broke into tears, salty, thick ones, that is. They had attacked, because the RainWing ruined their home, they had completely destroyed it. At that moment, she didn't feel mad anymore, she wasn't in pain anymore, she realized, "the past is the past, you should enjoy the present, and not worry about the future.

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China usually has her scales a gorgeous aquamarine scales, at her legs, and tip of her tail, she has it white. She also changes it to pastel green, occasionally.