Chill is a terrifying-looking male IceWing who is in the fanfictions Frost in the Air, Cold Darkness,Wings of Fire: Poisoned mind, Trail of Stars, and Eternally Forever. Chill is very brave and evil. He has many horns, unlike other IceWings. He wants to win the war with his very strong powers. He is one of the evil dragons that works to stop the dragonets. That's all he cares about. His first fanfiction was Frost in the Air. In there, he was not as terrifying, and not as big. Now, Chill is the biggest dragon in all of Pyrrhia. 

How Chill became evil...

At birth, Chill's parents were gone. They arrived many hours later. Their names were Nakimuk, the mother, and Iceberg, the father. Chill had become upset about that. For one year he was upset. Then, even worse to him, he had a brother! He was named Hail. Chill noticed that in scrolls, it always said "so-and-so felt a chill running down their spine." He knew he was evil at heart. His extra body-covering horns made him look that way. He then murdured Iceberg. But he felt sorry. So after that he vowed to kill other tribes unless his tribe tried to kill him. That is the legendary story of Chill's evil spirit.

Chill's children...

Chill had no children. He only found some little dragonets in the cold. He took them in and named them Sleet, Frostbite, and Silver. He then adopted them.