Chickadee is TsunamiTheSeaWing's OC. You may not use her without my permission or knowledge, or I will inform an admin and you will be banned.

A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Her scales are usually pink and yellow, showing she is usually happy and/or excited. She is slightly undersized and always wears a smile. You will never see her sitting still.


She is very optimistic, fun-loving, and playful. She is rather intelligent, much more than the average RainWing, and is anything but lazy.


As is usual with RainWings, Chickadee does not have much of a history. However, she hatched with pink scales, a sign of happiness. She is very proud of this sign and always lives up to its meaning.


Everyone, especially Kinkajou, whom she missed greatly when her friend was captured.

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