Chestnut is a MudWing and one of Talon's OC's.


True to her name, she is a rich chestnut color all around. Her scales are slightly different shades from each other, causing them to look mottled. Her scales stick up at odd angles, giving her the appearance of a pinecone. No one knows if she does this on purpose, but they stuck with it.

The tips of her wings fade out to a much lighter brown, while the insides flush to a mahogany.

Her eyes are a verdant green, and her pupils are much larger than they are supposed to be. This generates a crazed effect similar to that of Cuttlefish, though they are by no means alike in personality.


Though she is normal in most cases, she has a few perks.

For one, she either has chosen to or cannot breathe fire. She doesn't mind this at all, since she enjoys working around plants.

The second difference happens to be that she is completely deaf. It is unknown why, probably a disease early on in her life or an exceptionally loud dragon, but she cannot hear anything. However, this doesn't stop her. She can lip read, and feel the vibrations through her claws. She can do her work very well without any distractions, and that is why she prefers plants to animals.

Though, not hearing anything can be nuisance along with a blessing. Since she cannot hear anything, she sometimes annoys dragons, and they call her 'stupid', like 'all MudWings.'


Very laid back, Chestnut can be dismissed as apathetic by the way she reacts to things. She enjoys quiet to activity, and usually spends her time alone. She was in love with nature since she was a dragonet, and instead of training with the rest as soldiers, she pursued a career as a naturalist.

She ended up being at her good at the job, acclaimed by the Queen Moorhen herself. However, dragons don't expect such a young Mudwing to be so good at something intellectual, and formed a grudge against her.

When she decided to propose a site for a Scavenger reserve, it was quickly denied by over half of the population. She didn't give up after that, and continued her research. She began to study Scavengers along with Botany, and made many significant discoveries.


Born last, she was slightly smaller than her kin. Their Bigwings, Gravel, was always kind to them. However, the day that Chestnut left, to study something different, Gravel showed his harsher side. He hated that a dragon would abandon them, and decided to train the other dragons much harder. On the day of their first battle, all but Gravel died. He fell into depression, and didn't even remember that one of them survived, the one that had left.