Chemistry belongs to me, ShadowandSilverluv19. If you use him without permission I notify the admins!


Chemistry is a 7 year-old NightWing. (Note: Chemistry will probably be the last character I make.)  


Chemistry is very distrusting in others. He trust's his tribe more than anyone on Pyrrhia. Chemistry isn't very paranoid, but just a tad bit. He may seem very vicious, but can keep his calm at least for a minute before snapping at someone. Chemistry gets angry very easily. He wouldn't mind biting the stomach of a ude or cocky dragon. Chemistry feels calm around his animals, and feels sorry for low land NightWings.


Chemistry was named after his parent's wanting him to go into Chemistry. However, he chose another subject. Biology. Chemistry loved all animals, to Humpback whales from Garter snakes. Chemistry used to go out on the beach and feed the birds needing to be fed.



Chemistry has marble pitch black and deep purple scales. His underscales are a very dark lavender, almost deep purple of black. Chemistry has silver/ ice blue eyes. Chemistry's wing membrane's look more like the galaxy than the night sky. His horns and talons are a deep blue. He wears a Alligator-tooth necklace from his first Alligator. Chemistry has a shoulder bag full of things needed for his job.  (Ex: Medicine for wounds, antivenom, Medical wrap etc.)


  • Chemistry was named also named after his father's love for chemistry and science.
  • Chemistry has a hatred of RainWings.
  • Chemistry loves pineapple and decayed fish.