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Charizard (Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan) is a MudWing who likes anything hot. Lava, fire, you name it. He likes to be

alone and doesn't like it when people talk about his un-MudWing-like name. He is friends with Ice and Sonictalon.


Charizard was born with three other MudWings, Moth (male), Gator (male), and Flamingo (female). Flamingo would make fun of his strange name, and he wished he could change it. After a while, he got used to it. Moth was the Bigwings at the time, and Charizard was very loyal to him. Life went pretty easy, until one day, Moth dissapeared. As a replacement, Charizard became the Bigwings, but it didn't feel the same. To this day, he is still searching for Moth. He slips away secretly occasionally to visit Ice and Sonictalon. He didn't know if he wants to support Burn or not, and didn't feel that sad when she died. He is thinking about supporting Blaze.


  • Charizard is the name of a Fire-type dragon Pokemon.
  • His fire is only slightly stronger than normal Mudwing's, about 5% stronger.