A typical Seawing. Art by Joy Ang.


Chaos is a 7-year old SeaWing.


Chaos was born without any siblings. His mom stayed home, while his dad worked as a aquatic teacher. Chaos was homeschooled, and loved very much by his parents.

Chaos's mother had laid two more eggs before his father was promoted to top Aquatic teacher. Sadly, one day after his father's work, the female egg was declared infertile by Chaos's father after the egg had turned cold overnight. However, the male egg hatched after 3 three months. Their parents were overjoyed, but Chaos could have been happier about the scene.

After his second birthday. His younger brother, Swordfish, was wading in a wading as his older brother watched after him. However, Swordfish  went out to the lake at low tide. His mother brought him to the lake and let him play there. Swordfish was quickly attacked by a MudWing waiting to ambush a SeaWing.

His parents quickly brought Swordfish to the healers, but he did not die of this.

Swordfish was out with Chaos and his parents deep in the sea. The little SeaWing wondered into a coral reef, as a shark hid for prey too come. The shark attacked the SeaWing, and killed him. The mako shark escaped before his parents came.

Devastated, Chaos's parents paid little attention to Chaos, and the SeaWing made a plan to escape when he turned old enough.

When Chaos turned five, he was finally old enough to leave. He left his parents behind, promising he would come back, as they were had finally loved Chaos again.

When he left, soon he encountered a rather disturbing death as a SkyWing soldier killed a RainWing. He quickly hid from the soldier, and the SkyWing left fast.


Chaos is shy, but not paranoid at all. He can mess up his words and stumble around female dragons who he finds pretty. His knowledge of marine life is wide.


His main scales are a turquoise, but a little darker. His underbelly scales are a light blue. His eyes are emerald green.

His horns are a steam white. His fins are seaweed green.


  • His name is based off of the main enemy in the game, Sonic Adventure.