Chameleon is Chameleon the RainWings character and you must ask before you use!


Emo, ninja-like, sarcastic, and perky on some occasions. He is a RainWing who was really different so the RainWing Queen(s) forced him out the tribe. Nobody knew how he got the way that he is, and now he roams the land and searches for a new reason for life.


chameleon the rainwing


He is emo, ninja-like, sarcastic and perky on some occasions.

His prime colors are red, scarlet, orange, yellow,black and magenta (but mainly black and red). As expected for being a RainWing he changes colors as to his emotions.


Ever since he was a little dragonet everyone thought he was

A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

a freak and all the other dragonets kicked him out of their games, picked on him and was all out bullies so one day he started training deep in the RainForest  for self defence which gave him Ninja-like skills and awesome venom spiting powers. But one day when he was venom training he decided it was time to do something about his life but he was to lazy... he flew to a NightWing base to go to a NightWing docter for a bad pain in his stomace and i turns outthat he had the pyro virus in his chest, its not deadly but it gives the host the ablity to breath fire if not already able to for a long periods at a time and their was no cure, so he left the base to try to practice the new abillity he had he went to a forest and blew fire for the first time and shortly after that the pain in his belly left, then got better at controling his fire and he found out that when you heat up RainWing venom that...sorry it's a sercret 

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