Chalkmaker is a male NightWing.

(I will create a page explaining his magic. Perhaps a few pictures will be added.)


Chalkmaker (or simply Chalk) is a deep black color,with his underside being a chalky white.The "stars" on his wings are more of a white than silver.He has blue eyes and he is always covered in chalk dust.Chalk has a average NightWing built.


Chalkmaker is a quick study,easily understanding subjects in history,science and math.He is most prominent in science and math,and is a unoffical scientist in the NightWing kingdom.However,he is mainly focused on a branch of [possible] animus magic known as Rithmatics.This involves the use of chalk,and creating various things.He keeps a full journal of his magic,quickly putting anything knew into when he discovers anything knew.


As said before,he is a possible animus dragon.It is unknown if Rithmatics is animus,or simply a branch off. He is now much of a fighter, but is however clever. He is terrible with weapons, though slightly better with chalk weapons.


Rithmatics is based off the magic system from The Rithmatist,written by Brandon Sanderson.

His brother Chessplayer,his sister is Madnessgazer