Chaetognath is a character by Matau99 for Matau99's story Current to the Throne.
He is extremely antisocial and odd, widely disliked, and feared by most. He is training Siphonophore and Whirlpool, as they were advanced out of Stream's class. He is working on developing various weapons, not least a harpoon gun and a synthetic lightning machine. He is strongly opinionated, and dislikes the teaching system. He has decided to deny any allegations of being responsible if Whirlpool or Siphonophore are injured or killed in his lab, as there are a huge number of dangerous items in it. He has a metal graft attached to his snout, as he was badly chemically burned in the past. He almost always wears protective goggles to prevent the same from happening to his eyes. He can't speak Standard Draconic, and only knows Aquatic.

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.