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Her Life

Celestia lived a life full of lies and misery. But despite this, she always happy (well, most of time). Celestia was Morrowseer's and Farsight's daughter. She was born before the brightest night, thus making her half brother, Starflight the 'wings of night'. Morrowseer hated Celestia because Celestia never, ever killed a dragon. She was too kind and outgoing. So Battlewinner gave Celestia a choice. Either kill a RainWing or get killed. Celestia begged the queen for a third option. But the Queen said no. Heartbroken, she set off to kill a RainWing. As they reached the tunnel, she escaped. She escaped to Sand Kingdom. There, she was pet to Burn. Burn kept Celestia a secret. After many years, she ran away again. She just kept going East until she met Cosmos, Blazestorm, and Pride. Celestia is one of the main protagonists in The Raining Jewel.


Celestia is a bit too happy. She never gets mad. She always encourages others when they are down. But she can also be sassy and impulsive. She does things she doesn't have to. Like the time when she made fun of the SkyWings and she got arrested (long story).


Celestia is an average sized NightWing with a purple underbelly, purple horns and purple wings. She has pearl white eyes.


Celestia is currently an adventurer