Cay is a 10 year old female SeaWing. 

Belongs to AQUARICA

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Cay doesn't have very many friends and doesn't plan for that to change. She doesn't swim as often as she should and tends to avoid dragons. Cay constantly feels lonely because other dragons tease her for her odd scale pattern.


Cay has emerald eyes, blue-green scales, and blue aqua wings. The only thing that makes her appearance strange are the very small, faint patches of pale-colored scales that are scattered across her face and body. Cay also has a birthmark on her jaw.


Cay was born as a SeaWing. She does not know this, but she is part SandWing. Her mother was kicked out of the Kingdom of the Sea, and she was forced to fly to the Kingdom of Sand. Uppon arrival she did not mention that she was kicked out of the Kingdom of the Sea, but told the queen she was just visiting, knowing that she would soon die. And as she predicted, she did die. But not before she met someone special. Cay's father dropped off her egg at the Kingdom of Sea, knowing that she would have a better chance of survival there. He found out the truth of Cay's mother, and abandoned the egg. Cay has grown up her whole life thinking that both her parents where killed in the war.

A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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