FANDOM Cataclysm. 8D

(This character has been given to Quarx Rylzma by Lord Clathor The Second Ruler Of Nothing.)


Cataclysmbringer's(Or simply Cataclysm) primary color is a deep black color, while his secondary color is a lighter black/grey. He has many scars, both from experiments and battle. He is very stout and thick. His horns are long, and one is replaced by a gem-like substance. On his wings, he has very little "stars" and one he has have very little shine.


He is gruff and solemn, preferring to get the job done. He has little patience for dragons who threaten his tribe, himself, or his experiments. He is a skilled tactician and strategist. While he can be cold and distant, he can also be kind when he comes in contact with old friends or family. While he is a high ranking official in many areas of the NightWing society, he believes that ranks and titles are worthless at times.


He is a jack of all trades, being a warrior,t actician, scientist, and many other things. Cataclysmbringer is adept in mind reading and "mindbreaking" (Basicly making dragons a vegetable). He dislikes predicting the future, instead "living life" as he calls it. He knows the usage of many weapons, his favorite a set of various throwing knives.


He is named after the World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm.

He is related to Blackstar and Alistar, though it's unknown if it is distantly or closely.

He is roughly 80 dragon years old, or 40 in human years.


A typical NightWing

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