Cartonaught is property of Simmer the SkyWing and co-owned by WindWolf19 (He is a joke OC!)


One day Simmer and Windle were PMing in chat. Simmer was being random and saying weird words. One of them was Cartonaught. Windle said 'Is that someone who drives a cart around in space? XD" and thus, Cartonaught appeared with a burst of sparkles.


Shiny black scales that have pictures of carts tattooed on. He is very big and his figure is regular sized. He always has a cart with him because he takes it to space! Very blunt claws. Small ears that dont hear well because he has too many cart-shaped earrings hanging off them.

Carts are carved into his long horns and spikes. He has strong front legs from pushing his cart around. Cartonaught also likes to wear about eighteen heavy chain necklaces with cart charms hanging off, causing a slouch and a slight limp. Wears a tag on his ankle that says, "Property of Simmer and Windle" which zaps dragons who try to steal him (hint hint XD)