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Canopy the RainWing

Canopy, with her never changing scales


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Canopy is a smart and cunning RainWing. She has a weird obsession with evil, which makes her a great minion for an evil person. She loves all NightWings for no apparent reason. She is under the command of Dusk the NightWing, who she has a secret crush on.


Canopy is always a dark blue with white dots. She has a light blue underbelly. For an unknown reason, she has lost the ability to change the color of her scales (except for camouflage) , which has caused all other Dragons (except for NightWings) to think her weird.


Canopy has no special powers… except for the extra sharp talons.

Relationships and Quotes

Canopy has a secret crush on Dusk.

"Actually, they never change…"

"Why does EVERYONE think I'm WEIRD?"

"Hello, Dusk. I was hoping you would show up."

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