Candle is a 7 year-old NightWing.  

A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Candle was hatched an odd dragonet, she couldn't see into the future, and she couldn't talk with other NightWings with her mind. She also had a bright orange tip on her tail that had an aura, giving her the name candle. However, she was born into a family of IceWing-killers, and Candle loved IceWings, so she was just the odd-one out. Her family still loved her. One day, when she was allowed to leave the hut, she came into an IceWing village with only a pen and a old leather notebook. She drew them, wrote down information on them, and even put in excellent details about each and little thing about them. However, when Queen Glacier heard about the dragonet, she thought she was stealing info about the IceWings and giving it to the NightWings. Glacier captured her and forced her to tell about her information.

Glacier was surprised the dragonet knew so much about their tribe.


Candle is very shy, and doesn't like crowds. She loves IceWings. Unlike most NightWings, Candle to spend most of her time in the cold. Candle loves reading scrolls and studying about IceWings. However, she doesn't like to make friends.

Candle also loves animals. Reptiles and birds are her favorite, though.


Candle has deep navy blue and black scales. Her underscales are a very light lavender. Her tail is white, then fades to her orange candle-like tail with a aura that is surprisingly warm. Her eyes are bright mint green.