Caiman is a brown male MudWing. He is only to be used by his creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire-breathing

Like all MudWings, if he's warm enough, Caiman can breathe fire.

  • Holding his breath

Like all MudWings, Caiman can hold his breath underwater for up to an hour.

  • Flying

Caiman has large wings and is able to fly very fast.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Caiman is Ochre's smallest sibling. He, like his other siblings, is obsessed with pleasing Ochre. When Meerkat and Tarantula tell him to fight Ochre, he is upset and attacks everyone but Ochre. However, he is knocked out of the game quickly. He is then put on a team with Fatespeaker, Squid and his other siblings.


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