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A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Cactus the SandWing

Cactus the Convincing


Cactus is a very smart SandWing, but she uses this power for evil. She is always setting up traps for fellow dragons or solving a mystery.


Cactus is desert yellow, with green spikes running down her whole body. She is a rather pretty SandWing, and uses her charm to get good dragons to join bad.


Cactus has all of the normal SandWing powers, but with two extra. She is super smart, and can roll into a ball and shoot out her spikes. They regrow quickly.

Relationships and Quotes

Cactus has no relationships.

"Why, hello there. Want to go see the Queen of the SandWings?"

"I accuse YOU of stealing my treasure."

"Challenge accepted, Dusk."

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