Cabybara is a brown female MudWing. She is only to be used by her creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire-breathing

Like all MudWings, if she's warm enough, Cabybara can breathe fire.

  • Holding her breath

Like all MudWings, Cabybara can hold her breath underwater for up to an hour.

  • Bigwings

Cabybara is her troop's bigwings, meaning that she was the first hatched and helped her sibs hatch out. She has the largest wings of her sibs, and also is responsible for all of them.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Cabybara is Ochre's bigwings, but she obsesses over him like her other siblings. She likes to impress him, and dislikes having to fight him in the battle training session with Meerkat and Tarantula. She doesn't end up fighting him, as she is knocked out easily. For the second round, she is teamed up with her sibs, Fatespeaker and Squid.