A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang

Bushmaster is a 7 year-old SandWing.


Bushmaster was left at the border of the Ice kingdom by his parents. He almost died inside of his egg because of improper heating. However, a IceWing soldier found him, and she took him home, naming him Bushmaster because of his coloring. When Glacier found out about this, she took Bushmaster away from the soldier. Bushmaster surely didn't approve of this, as he tried to inject venom into the IceWing queen. Glacier gave Bushmaster to Blaze. Blaze simply sold him to the MudWings for fur and gems.

The queen of the MudWings, Moorhen, just released him into the MudWing kingdom. MudWings did try to kill him, but Bushmaster threatened to sting them with his barb.

Before long, Bushmaster was given back to Glacier and Blaze, the IceWing queen simply released him back into the Ice kingdom, as he was 3 at this time.

The SandWing was confused, but happy with his new surroundings. Bushmaster soon adapted to the frigid weather, and his love for heat melted away. Bushmaster still likes heat, but not as much as digging into snow and such. The dragonet spent most of his early life there.

The same soldier who had adopted Bushmaster came back and took him home once again. Bushmaster was raised by the soldier. The soldier was very caring to Bushmaster.

At the age of 5, Bushmaster went out into the Ice kingdom, as the soldier retired to keep the SandWing happy. Once he was out, he quickly found a IceWing the size of a large scavenger den. The IceWing saw him and used his freezing death breath on him. He was hit with the freeze on his wings, and before he went down. Bushmaster stabbed the IceWing with his barb.

The soldier saw her son injured and quickly brought him home, heating him up and doing his needs and such.

When he turned 6, Bushmaster went out of the kingdom. He then started to go into the RainWing kingdom.


Bushmaster is impatient, and bad at teaching others, as he gets mad often. Bushmaster may seem tough, but he would help a friend anytime.


Bushmaster's eyes are a greenish/brown. His back is a deep brown, and his secondary scales are a pale yellow.


Bushmaster has Myotoxin in his barb, venom that quickly paralyzes.

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