This is my first story :D hope you enjoy


"Are you insane?!" shouted Burnt "well do we have anything better to do" said the SandWing. "We will get ourselves killed no dragon has ever got there" said Burnt " we will see the SeaWing place from up there" said the sandwing again "Good point but we can't breathe up there" pointed out Burnt "You will see" said the SandWing.

Chapter 1

" GET OFF ME" shouted Burnt clawing the SeaWing on his back " you pathetic dragon " snorted the SeaWing suddenly Burnt clawed the seawing off and bolted at the neck and clawed three bones out of the SeaWings neck "that's what you get " hissed Burnt as Burnt flew off to Burns fortress " there swarming near the big islands " said Burnt with disaplence " i'll send 20 SandWings with you to help with the search " snorted Burn " thank you queen Burn " said Burnt As he flew away " boys we got a home to find" snorted Burnt "sir what if where attacked by a large group of seawings " said a SandWing " we stab them with our tail barbs " said Burnt in a expression that he was talking to a cow " now let's go " Burnt said

Chapter 2

"Let's set up camp here" Burnt said as his eyes tried to shut "how will stay on guard sir! " asked a sandwing " you and somebody else" Burnt said already on the floor ready to go to sleep " ughh morning already " Burnt groaned " anyways let's start going " Burnt said. As they where in the middle of the ocean Burnt spotted some MudWings " HEY YOU WHY ARE YOU OUT HERE?" Burnt shouted at the MudWings.FIND THE SEAWING PALACE " the mud wing shouted back " WELL COME WITH US WHERE DOING THE SAME " Burnt shouted the mud wings flew over " I'm the commander of the mud wings " a commander eh? I'm a general " Burnt said happily. They heard a noise in the distance a loud shout the dragons came to look where the sound came from.

chapter 3

When they got to the screaming there was 3 rainwing heads detatched from the body's. "What happened here?" Asked a sandwing and a mudwing. "Looks like they where violently killed" said Burnt. "But how?" Asked a mudwing. "Must of been some other seawings" answered Burnt. "It's getting late lets get some sleep" insisted the mudwing commander. The dragons went back to camp and sleep. "THERE MISSING!" Shouted a sandwing. Burnt woke up "who is missing?" He asked. "The mud wings" the sand wing said in fright "What?! Where going" shouted Burnt.