Burdock Root is a sensitive male FoxWing.


Burdock Root has the typical fox-like appearence of a typical FoxWing, but he does have one red scale near his face which was there since birth.


Burdock is very shy he was very shocked after being forced out by the SkyWings so he is now shy and not his bold self. But he still has his love for nature and his knack for writing. He is wise knowing to look before you fly or to take caution to the wind.


Burdock Root hatched in the nice hatchery of the foxwings. Some Burdock root  was growing in there so he nibbled on it hence the name Burdock Root. He grew up with his parents and was soon sent to dragon school where he decided he wanted to be a scroll writer. After he finished School (which is now) he is slowly starting to write a story called Trauma of the Foxwings which is about the Skywings forcing them out of their home.


He was named Sage but the name was already taken

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