All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost. - J. R. R. Tolkien


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Pastel's sona!


Your a natural, living your life controlled
Creator PastelMorning
Main Attribute loyalty
Elemental Attribute soil & mountains
Theme Animal ferret
Theme Color green
Theme Song still searching! suggestions appreciated! (maaaaybe masterpiece theatre I? who knows!)
MBTI Personality Mediator (INFP)
Age 15 (hy)
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Tribe HiveWing
Goal to make the world a better place
Residence Possibility
Allies anyone who likes her; her family & friends
Enemies anyone cruel
Weapons her mind & her strength
Quote "... Mic Drop." -


Round-shouldered and averagely tall, Bumblebee is very physically strong and slightly muscular, but not to the extent of noticeability. She has a long tail and limbs, as well as narrow, rounded horns, and what she'd call a sturdy body type. She isn't self-conscious about her looks, but she usually doesn't put much effort into making herself look beautiful through cosmic products. Bumblebee prefers a more natural look anyways, and although she doesn't mind makeup on others at all, she doesn't like to wear a lot of it herself. Her four wings are tinted a subtle pale green, and they shimmer with several lighter shades when exposed to sunlight. She has ears larger than the average dragon's, and strong, prominent brows, with large, dark brown eyes upon a kind-looking face. Her arms, legs, and talons are all dotted with hardly noticeable white scars, and a more prominent large scar circles the back of her left thigh. Her claws, too, are scarred with small white marks. Her scales are a warm orange-yellow color, while her underbelly and crest spines are dark brown. She also has several brown freckles dusting her face and neck, as well as several on her arms and talons. She can always be seen wearing a soft green scarf and ebony-rimmed spectacles, as well as two golden earrings in her left ear. One of her most treasured items is a thin silver chain necklace with a number of keys hanging from it, which she wears every day underneath her scarf.


  • creative
  • independent
    • prefers working with friends and family over working alone, however
  • innovative
  • usually really positive and happy
    • tries to see the best in other dragons
    • this attitude has been something she's had to work on for years
    • optimistic, but not naive
  • stubborn
    • good luck trying to get her to do something she doesn't want to do
    • she'll listen to your opinions and thoughts anytime, but you're likely not going to change her mind
  • extremely loyal
    • will not intentionally betray anyone unless she has a really dang good reason for it
    • trustworthy to most dragons, but basically an FBI agent when it comes to family and friends' secrets
  • hardworking
    • good work ethic
    • doesn't lose motivation easily if it's something she's interested in/cares about
    • definitely doesn't lose motivation if someone is counting on her
    • most motivated when her job will help someone/something else (e.g. organizing items in a store, picking up trash, etc.)
  • relatively soft-spoken
    • however, more extraverted and silly around close friends and family
    • most comfortable and relaxed around said dragons
  • in love with art and literature
    • practices much of this herself
    • expresses herself best through art/poetry/stories
  • hates confrontation, but will stand up for herself and/or others if needed
    • unafraid of pretty much everyone
    • brave
  • respectful of dragons until they are cruel/mean/disrespectful for no reason to others
    • judges dragons based on character
    • has a really strong "you do you" mentality in most cases; nonjudgemental
    • could not care less if dragons judge her for stupid reasons
  • altruistic
    • really enjoys helping/informing others
    • will often go out of her way to do something kind for dragons
    • will offer you the shirt off her back until you start taking advantage of her kindness
  • wants more than anything to just be able to live without the stress of the professional world
    • usually avoids things that she can't control and cause her stress
  • extremely thoughtful
    • often contemplates reasons for dragon existence
    • very curious; will often try things just for the heck of it
    • her mind is always moving
    • loves learning and researching
    • especially about cool historical events and all types of science
  • overthinks e v e r y t h i n g
    • seriously, if her and a friend are having a conversation and they don't reply to her last message within five minutes, she'll start to wonder if she said something wrong
  • usually takes things personally, even when others weren't trying to be hurtful
    • knows this is illogical
  • open-minded
    • appreciates other opinions/points of view and finds them intriguing
    • interested in other cultures/points of view
  • humorous
    • doesn't really take herself seriously; she jokes too much
    • connects best with others by joking
  • expresses herself best through art/poetry/stories
  • naturally suspicious of everyone and everything
    • no trust issues, but she's really cautious with what she reveals to others
  • observant
  • intelligent
    • more street-smart than school-smart
  • often self-conscious, virtually for no reason
  • logical
    • when a problem occurs, her mind immediately finds about two thousand hypothetical solutions/causes for the problem
    • however, likes to explore ideas and possibilities; you could call her a dreamer
  • easily hurt by betrayal, especially from those she deemed as "friends"
    • can forgive others for what they've done, but never ever forgets

Calico (Featherflight)

Bumblebee adores this dragon. She enjoys talking with her and loves her sense of kindness, compassion, and silliness, and knows that Calico is a good dragon at heart that will always have her back. She's glad they can chat about maned wolves and other animals together, and knows to always refer to Calico whenever she needs cheering up. Calico's one of the kindest, sweetest dragons she's ever met, and thinks very highly of her.


Buzz is someone that Bumblebee trusts and adores, and is truly one of her best friends. Buzz isn't afraid to speak his mind, and will always let Bumblebee know whenever she's being unreasonable or unfair, and this she really appreciates. Buzz has listened, countless times, to Bumblebee's problems and rants, and she always feels better after talking/venting to him. He's a ready listener, always open for creativity, and someone that Bumblebee truly has a special connection with.


In Bumblebee's opinion, Dreaming is a cheerful ball of colorful awesomeness. She loves her randomness and silliness, and finds her really interesting and compatible. If she ever needs to chat with someone about Marvel (or rather, how awesome its characters are), she knows that Dreaming is the dragon!


Bumblebee finds Northstar to be a very interesting and respectable dragon, and hopes they can be friends one day. She admires her imagination and creativity, as well as her intelligence, and finds her interest in astronomy and adventure to be very relatable and charming, and something that they could study together if they become companions!


Bumblebee respects Fantasy, and can relate enormously to her concern about the Earth. She is fond of Fantasy's positive, bubbly attitude, and really hopes they can be good friends one day - Bumblebee is convinced that her own and Fantasy's personalities would form a fountain of wild ideas, inspiration, and creativity. She really appreciates Fantasy's kindness and thoughtfulness.


Bumblebee is quite fond of Saburra. As well as finding her respectable, kind, and intelligent, Bumblebee loves talking to this dragon. Since the beginning of their friendship, Saburra has been welcoming and kind, and Bumblebee appreciates this (more than Saburra knows)! Saburra is someone that Bumblebee trusts and knows she can count on.


Bumblebee really appreciates the pretty hybrid's humor, kindness, and happy attitude. She regards Iceberry as a talented, creative individual, and someone she could grab a drink with while they talk about books together. She's glad that they have the opportunity to bond over the burning, painful firepit that has revealed itself in the form of clothes shopping. Also, Hufflepuff pride.


  • Egyptian, Norse, and Greek mythology
  • the desert/Great Pyramids
  • being on her school's Yearbook crew!
  • pirates
  • gas stations
  • t h r i f t s t o r e s
  • learning about other cultures/religions/groups of people
  • ancient ruins
  • plants and animals
  • Marvel
  • her friends and family
  • books
  • coffee and some types of tea (she prefers coffee by a long shot, though)
  • sushi
  • foreign accents
  • any and all forms of artwork
  • deciphering poetry
  • researching awful but interesting historical events, such as the Holocaust or Russian Revolution
  • God, angels, Heaven, etc. (she's a Christian gal)
  • some wines
  • fantastical worlds
  • music
  • Gravity Falls
  • Harry Potter
  • hiking/exploring
  • caves
  • shooting games, Resident Evil, Spyro the Dragon, Horizon Zero Dawn...
  • arcade games
  • bowling
  • old bikes, especially yellow ones
  • the color green
  • colorado (her birthplace!)
  • snow
  • rain
  • train tracks, buildings, the city
  • posters
  • instruments, especially drums, guitar, and piano!
  • NF and Eminem
  • board and card games
  • FROGS (and mainly all animals, but FROGS)
  • quieter parties/get-togethers
  • movie nights
  • sitting down and doing work in coffee shops


  • math
  • beer
  • small spaces
  • heights
  • a lot of her generation
  • most teen girls' notion that because you are a teen girl you have the right to treat everyone around you worse than garbage
  • feeling dumb or powerless
  • feeling unloved
  • being alone for a long time; feeling lonely
  • most rap music
  • really harsh lighting (e.g. when it's sunny and snowy outside) or strobe lights
  • cruelty/abuse of any kind
  • discrimination
  • formal dances/events
  • the notion that any one group is better than another because they are more "diverse"
    • or the notion that any group is better than another because of how they were born regardless
  • clowns
  • demons, Satan, etc. etc.
  • being under pressure
  • being the center of attention
  • spiders