Seawing 2

A SeaWing

Bubble is a female SeaWing and one of Stargazer's OCs.


Bubble is dark blue and she has teal underscales. Her horns are an even darker blue, and her glow-in-the-dark scales are a silver-blue color. On her tail, her lights get brighter and her claws are dark blue with little slashes of light blue on them.


Bubble had a brother named Seaweed. Seaweed had always been a nuisance to Bubble. One day, she left Seaweed in a kelp forest.

After that, Bubble had always battled her toys. She pretended they were rival dragons, and she would rip her toys apart because of that. But she doesn't really like to battle. Only in emergencies.


More coming soon!


A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Brooke- She is friends with Brooke and trusts her with all her life.

Splash- She is friendly to Splash but doesn't trust him too much.

Stalactite- She thinks he's crazy, that's all.

Kel-  She doesn't trust him fully, but more than Splash.

Alliuvium- She thinks Alluvium is less crazy than Stalactite, but is wary about her.

More coming soon as RP starts!

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