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Bubble is a small, dark teal dragon with bright turquoise underscales and the build of a SeaWing. She has a small RainWing ruff, gills, and a RainWing's wings. She has SeaWing crests as well, including one on her head. This is probably from being a hybrid, as most pure-blooded SeaWings don't have crests on their heads.

On her wings, you will notice various patterns- starbursts (not the royal ones), dots, lines, and squiggles. Bubble likes to light these up when she's bored.

Speaking of her wings, Bubble has RainWing wings, built for gliding rather than flying

She has amethyst-purple eyes, unlike a RainWing's green eyes or her mother's dark blue eyes.


Usually, Bubble's quiet, but she switches moods easily. She can be sarcastic at times. Her sense of humor is strange, laughing at the weridest things. When she's tired, she does random things. When she's not tired, she does random things.

Oh well.


From then on, consider this roleplay to be her history. After that roleplay died, one will count as her history soon...


Just ask in the comments to be put in! You don't need to RP with her, but it would be easier to write a relationship if Bubble and your character have interacted at least once before.

TANZANITE: Bubble has a neutral relationship with her mother. FRONDS: Bubble has a neutral relationship with her father. RAINFALL: Bubble has a mostly neutral relationship with her brother, and although they do get into quarrels sometimes, they're close.

Just ask to be put in by commenting!


  • The original concept for Bubble was created back when Stoat was only on The Hidden Kingdom. Bubble was a dark teal SeaWing with color-changing bioluminescent scales, webbed talons, and gills.
  • She carries the animus gene, because she is a very distant member of the Royal SeaWing Family.
    • However, she is not an animus.
  • Bubble doodles on just about everything.


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