A typical RainWing

Brilliance is DragonKittyTail's OC. Please ask permission to use her.


Brilliance is a RainWing who likes mangos. She is very calm most of the time. The rest of the time, she panics. SkyWings attack - panic! SeaWings invade - panic! Your uncle is coming without telling you he is and you haven't cleaned your house in three months - panic! Brilliance is not animus.


When Brilliance was born, it appeared that she was almost cursed-like due to a strange eclipse-like occurrence with the three moons. Thus forth, she cannot change the color of her scales without extreme pain or feeling like her scales are getting peeled off slowly, one by one. But, just when Brilliance thought her life couldn't get any worst, it got worse. WAY worse. The SeaWings attacked and captured her family for the SkyWings. After that, Brilliance swore revenge on any SeaWings who crossed her path. But that all changed when three SeaWings arrived one night, Brilliance ignored the pain and killed two of them and knocked out the third. That third SeaWing was Fins, who is still alive today.

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