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Brazil is a female RainWing who is 8 years old. 


Brazil likes to keep her scales a marshy green. She keeps brown or ultra marine streaks in her scales. Her talons are a pitch black. The tip of her tail cannot change color and it will always stay a navy blue. Brazil will also keep her scales a deep navy blue and have black streaks coming through her scales. Brazil keeps her frill a deep brown for no reason.


Like all RainWings, Brazil was born in the hatchery. A old couple took her after no RainWing would, as they saw her tomboy personality and scales disgusting. The RainWing couple took care of her, and she did everything to them. To renovating their huts from painting a picture for them.

Will be continued.


Brazil is a full-blown tomboy. She likes to adventure and often risks her life.Brazil can get annoyed easily by rude and cocky dragons. Brazil is polite and nervous around queens and scribes. She has trouble sleeping and would rather be outside. Brazil isn't lazy at all.