Bramble is a female SwiftWing.


Bramble at the age of 3 wanted to become a warrior for the SwiftWings. She has been training for 5 years. At the age of 4, her uncle, aunt, and cousin were murdered by an unknown dragon. She has been lonely without her cousin but she still had Skyfall. Skyfall is a friend of Bramble since she Bramble was hatched. Skyfall tricked Bramble to sing in front of some Swiftwings and allies. They sang Defying Gravity together.


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Bramble is a light gray dragon. She has cyan hair and her streak is also cyan. She has yellow-orange colored eyes.



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  • Bramble puts small casts on her legs and fore-legs for warrior fashion.
  • She likes classic music
  • She is a main character in the fanfiction In for the Kill.
  • She sings

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