Boulder is White's OC. Please don't edit or use without my permission.


Boulder is dark cedar brown in color, with lighter amber underscales and wings. He is covered in scars all over his body, all different sizes and lengths from the many battles he fought in. In one battle, the tip of his left horn was even ripped right off. He is partially blind in his left eye from one horrid battle, along with a rather jagged scar across it. He is very large and bulky, even for a MudWing.


Boulder can hold his breath for up to an hour and blend into mud puddles. He can also breathe average amounts of fire and has armor-like scales. He is very strong, like most MudWings. However, he has been stabbed by SandWings so many times in battle that he has developed a slight immunity to the venom. This is only effective if he is stung once. He is a rather excellent swimmer, though lacks in agility. He is nearly fearless, always jumping in, and that is the result of many of his scars. He is cunning to a degree when it comes to battle planning, but isn't that smart anywhere else.


Boulder is very blunt and emotionless, never showing what he truly thinks or feels. He is never afraid to voice what he thinks should be done, even if it's not appropriate. He will even walk by someone being bullied, though if it's severe enough, he will lend a helping talon. However, this is extremely rare, but it hurts him to see his tribemates in pain.


He was once opitimistic and friendly, leading a pleasent life as a bigwings. He didn't think anything really bad would happen for another hundred years or so, due to the relative peace the MudWings were in. Thinking this, he allowed his sibs to be happy and relatively carefree. But during the war, it all changed. He lost all of his sibs in the war. He tried to turn to his friends for help, but they were all killed off too. He then grew uncaring and blunt, not thinking about other's feelings.