Boom is very loyal and friendly, but only to thoose whom he knows. If there is a stranger. he normally flies away. If he can't get away, he then acts hostile and ignores everything. In a battle situation, Boom is focused and cunning.


Boom is smaller than all the other dragonets, but where he lacks in size he makes up for in speed and agility! He isn't the best SkyWing, but he is pretty decent. He is orange, but his horns and underbelly are golden. His talons are really sharp, and his tail is fairly long for a Skywing. His wings are "edgy" like blades and he is a superb flyer.


Well there isnt really much to say about his history since he is still a dragonet but there are a couple facts.

  1. Boom was born on the warmest night of the year.
  2. Almost a week after his birth, the Sky Kingdom was under attack.
  3. His parents left him under the care of a dragon yet to be revealed.
(Boom belongs to northsky and northsky only! No copying without my permission!)

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