Bobcat is a pale gold male SandWing. He is only to be used by his creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poisonous Tail Barb

Like all SandWings, Bobcat has a poisonous barb at the end of his tail like a scorpion.

  • Fire-breathing

Bobcat can breathe fire, like all SandWings.

  • Obedience

Bobcat is very obedient, having been raised in an army-like manner.

  • Planning

Bobcat is his group's normal stragegist.

  • Navigation

Bobcat is an expert navigator.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Bobcat is one of Viper's siblings. He and his siblings, excluding Viper, were raised in an army-like manner, so he's very obedient. When the first round of his fighting lesson begins, he goes after Ochre with Javelina. Ochre manages to (literally) knock Javelina out while hiding in a Dragon skeleton, and Bobcat gets angry. He hurls himself at the bones of the skeleton, and then jumps in it to attack Ochre. Ochre manages to pin him and, due to the very little room, he can do nothing while Ochre shreds his leaf, thereby knocking him out of the game, and escapes. He is put on a team with Ochre and his siblings in round two, as well as with Flame and Seahorse. Ironwood teams him up with himself and says that they will go after Fatespeaker. When Flame scorns Silver Cholla's knowledge, Bobcat explains that she's their group's brains, and also that Ironwood is their leader, Javelina is their spy and he is their strategist. When Viper asks if she's the mindless soldier, he responds that she's their main fighter. When the training session is over, his siblings and him follow their parents out.