Blossom is a white SwiftWing with a green stripe that runs along the side of her cheek, neck, body, and tail. She has a pink/green curly mane, and she also has some curly pink/green fuzz at the end of her tail. She is much shorter then most SwiftWings her age, and has a heartwarming smile.  She sometimes wears a fake flower that smells like a real one.


Blossom is kind and optimistic, and loves to work at the royal gardens.  She loves to be around the garden plants and critters, from the beautiful cornstalks to the wriggly little worms, they are all her friends!  At night, you can hear Blossom playing the Ukulele to the Plants and animals that live there.  She says it makes the fruit just a bit sweeter and the critters just a bit kinder.

Another thing about Blossom is that she loves to make friends, and make others happy.  She loves to give hugs, just being around her makes you feel warm. She has an irresistible smile.  She always seems to think of the good in everything.  If something bad happens, she's always the first one to state the silver lining!  She does this without meaning to, it's just part of her personality to think of the good stuff that comes out of something bad.

Another thing about Blossom is that she is very adventurous. She likes to play make-believe with the critters in the gardens, going on daring quests to save the helpless worms from the 'Evil stick of Doom'.  The evil stick of doom is very evil, and is always causing a ruckus. But then comes Blossom and her friends to save the world! As a terrapath, she likes to give fun to the little animals that live in the gardens by whooshing them around and pretending they could fly(like superman)! She loves to have fun and have fun with others.

Blossom also loves to paint pretty pictures of flowers and designing RainWing patterns. she said once; "Being a RainWing must be nice, it's like you have an infinite wardrobe!" She loved painting life. To her, life is beauty. Even the worms and the Blob fish are beautiful in their own way.  She believes everything on this planet has a purpose,  and that everything is special in it's own way. She can usually get highly emotional over something dying because of this.

"Everyone, everything, every place, is all part of life, and it is Beautiful, but if only you can see it"


Blossom was born and raised in the castle as a servant of the royal family.  No one knows where she came from,  one day her egg just appeared there, and the servants tried to hide her. They were afraid there might have been a big consequence is the royals found out about a stowaway egg. As Blossom got older, she was getting too big to be hidden in the palace, so they stuck her in the royal gardens, where they thought she could hide well due to her coloring.  Apparently,the next morning, she was discovered by princess flora, who mistook her for some kind of garden snake because she was so dirty. However, she soon found out Blossom was just a dragonet and not a garden snake, and yelled at her for being in the palace.  However, due to Blossom's young age at the time, she just gave Flora a muddy hug, giving Flora dirty scales as well. Flora was disgusted, and shouted at Blossom for getting her all dirty.  Just as Flora was about to crack the whip, a whole bunch of garden servants stood in the way. They wouldn't let Flora harm the little dragonet. Flora got infuriated, and started throwing a tantrum.  The the Queen walked in. She scolded Flora for acting improper and gave Blossom a bath, then a job at the gardens.

As Blossom started to grow, she made lots of friends in the garden and had this passion for caring for the creatures in it. She loved to play with them and have great adventures! After a while, She learned how to play the Ukulele(she calls it her Bell-awesome Ukulele), and started learning to paint. She started painting pictures of worms, bluebirds, flowers, and especially RainWings. She got a job painting the palace walls, and when the walls were completely covered, she started painting her Ukulele! Now, she still works in the royal gardens, making friends, having adventures, and enjoying life.
Blossom 007

Blossom the Swiftwing and her ukelele


  • The only thing that Blossom cries about is violence, death, and others getting hurt (emotionally or physically)
  • Originally had a pink glow, but this was quickly changed to green.