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  • HoneysuckleRainwing

    ignore this

    April 30, 2017 by HoneysuckleRainwing
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  • Nightslayer the Albino NightWing

    I...I just been bullied...

    Someone named Rosesparklethesparklewing said that she wanted to insult normals (which I'm sort of am, but not) and see how I liked it. and I yelled at her for it and....

    I might be going insane, guys. I....I don't know whats going on with me. me....

    Some of us made it

    But no one deserved it

    I'm silent, I'm screaming

    Stick and stones was the Rhyme that they taught us

    To fight off our monsters, To numb out the darkness

    But what they forgot was

    That you don't need to break my bones

    For you to break me

    The voices won't stop do let me be alone

    Please someone, I just want to go back home...

    -The Rhyme by Scratch21

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  • Epheme

    OC's for adoption

    April 29, 2017 by Epheme

    Guillotine and Apple are up for adoption, the new owners must be active for at least 3 months. 

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  • Sidewalkflowers

    Hey!! So I was listening to a bunch of music a few days ago and for several songs I was reminded of several canon and original characters.

    And that got me thinking. So I started drawing. And now I have a rough sketch of a PMV I want to make. So to anyone reading this, I was wondering if you have any advice for PMVs. How should I do it? What program is best to use? How do I add music in the background of a video in Apple's IMovie? 


    The song is Bright by Echosmith.

    The characters I'm using are Nova and Torrent, and I've had a bunch of fun drawing them interacting in several scenes. 

    What do you think? If I finish it, I'll probably upload it to Google Drive and include a link here. 

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  • Luckybird7765

    redesign part 2

    April 28, 2017 by Luckybird7765

    hi guys i'm here again to do another one of these things. because apparently i fall in love with my own designs too much and forget to ever look back at the books, i'd say those icewings look a good deal different from their canon counterparts. whoops!

    so let's start from the top. i tried to make a masterpost of pictures of icewings that i had drawn recently (like i can afford the time to draw on proper paper that these days and not in my notes that i should be studying) but it got too big so y'all are going to have to suffer through a whole bunch of pictures throughout this post. sorry

    so the most obvious part that has changed for icewings is probably the new addition of feathers. i may be too enthusiastic about the fact that dinosaurs have (for…

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  • Sidewalkflowers

    To any admins:

    April 26, 2017 by Sidewalkflowers

    Hey, sidewalkflowers here, I've been going through my pages and I've realized that Lark and Bear are two characters I created but haven't developed At All.

    So I heard that admins can delete pages, and if that's not true, please correct me, but if it is, I would be so happy if someone would delete those two pages for me!

    Thank you!

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  • BermudatheSeaWing

    K so you guys might know that I've been getting hurt A LOT in the past six much that I haven't played sports to my full potential since mid-September!!! I'm finally starting to get back from my latest surgery, and it takes a lot of time and work.

    I'm telling you this because I probably won't be spending as much time on the wiki until school gets out. I have lots of homework and the work will become even more crammed once we get even closer to the end of the year.

    I'm not dead, and I won't be going away completely, but I will definately be on here much less. I do have a life, and that takes priority over my online life.

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  • Infinity-Da-Dragon

    I was digging through some of my old art today, and I was like, "OHHH GROSS EW EW WHY EEYUCK." Then I looked at some of my more recent drawings and thought, "Much better."

    This also made me realize how much joining this wiki has helped me with my art. I've been here for around 5 months and I've gone from ew to better. I think it's because I'm around all the really good artists here, and some of your techniques rubbed off me.

    So, without further ado, here they are:

    Anyways, I'm encouraging YOU to share your art improvement below!!

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  • MKDragonet

    She yelled at you again.

    You can never get anything right.

    She told you to do it, and when you tried, you failed.

    You always do. 

    Now here you are, trying to hide your tears.

    Fail. Fail. Fail.

    Thats all you'll ever do.

    They say that your amazing. The best.

    You know it's all lies.

    And it confuses you when they ask you why you cry.

    Shush. Shush. It will all get better soon.

    Shush. Shush.

    He's coming for you.

    You were a mistake.

    Or someone sent from hell.

    To give a couple

    The worst days of there life.

    You fight with your siblings.

    You make the worst days.

    And you cry

    When things don't go your way.

    Your drowning in a ocean of your own despair.

    And you can't see

    The hand reaching to help you.

    Shush. Shush.

    Just remember...

    Your the best mistake.

    Well, this is basically t…

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  • Heliosanctus

    Mostly Inactive

    April 25, 2017 by Heliosanctus

    Hey guys! I know you haven't seen very much of me lately, but I wanted to post a message that I will be even less active in the coming weeks.

    I've had a lot going on on my end between working full-time, trying to keep my grades from slipping, building a website for a club I'm in, and trying to build a plan for taking over the club leadership next semester, when the club president and vice president graduate. In addition to that, I've had good things, like going to Prom with a coworker of mine and catching up on some time with friends on my birthday, along with some less good things, like a doctor's appointment that didn't go so well..

    With all of that going on, my new Year's Resolution for 2017 is to try to take a more proactive role in my l…

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