• Forge the Hybrid

    So, I'm currently working on a RainWing OC why can't I ever finish an OC? and I was wondering a few things.

    • Can RainWings change their eye color?
      • I'd be willing to bet they can't, and when RainWings are hiding they just shut their eyes. But THK implied that Glory could see while she was hiding during the contest.
    • Displaying 3D shapes
      • Glory made a little blue frog on her scales - presumably she would want to make it appear from all sides so as too make it look natural. Well, naturealy that'd be fairly impossible unless you want multiple frogs on your scales. Thoughts?

    I'll update my questions when I have time to check my books.

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  • LeCielNuageux


    December 10, 2017 by LeCielNuageux

    I won't be able to be on the wiki for 2-3 months, January at the earliest. :3

    It's hard to explain, but I'll try...

    So, I have a really stressful situation to deal with now, one that involves several members of my extended family, and I feel like I really need to focus on that right now. I might pop in chat once and a while, but other than that I won't be on the wiki.

    I hope you all the best!

    -- Cielly

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  • Leopardgirl77


    Minecraft Story Mode: Telltale Games

    Minecraft: Mojang

    Minecraft Story Mode: Through the Mirror: Me!

    Wings of Fire: Tui. T. Sutherland

    This Fan-fic: Me!

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  • NightStrike the Dragon

    you can follow this blog for progress on the AviWing update. It is here for the wiki formatting.


      • Contact NS about genetically recombined or enchanted AviWing hybrids, as they fall under the special dragons category.
      • AviWings enchanted to be hybrids in the egg NEVER HATCH.
      • Genetic recombination can also leave the product deformed and broken on almost all occasions.
      • I will let very few functional hybrids exist, so if the info you give me is not up to standard, I will not let you make one. Please don't ask for an enchanted/genetically recombined hybrid just for the sake of having an AviWing hybrid.
        • No good reason = automatic denial.
    • AviWings were remastered by NightStrike. Please change your ol…

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  • Hbuckets


    December 10, 2017 by Hbuckets

    and by more frequently i meant never hFF-

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  • Stoatbramble

    This is a new fanon tribe I'm working on!

    Notes right now because i'm lazy

    • Epistolary version coming soon
    • phases of the moons
    • called the "Tribe of the Moons"
    • Queen believes dead sister (crown princess) is true queen
    • previous queen & crown princess died and so queen's other daughter took the throne
    • queen laid an egg when she died and that's current crown prince
    • crown heir system
    • SmallMoon/MiddleMoon/GreatMoon wing patterns, all dragons have those genes so 1/3 chance of being any, no combos of both
    • mouths dont close all the way and teeth have gaps so they are prone to breathing in toxic air, this is how previous queen and crown princess died
    • moon spots on their face
    • dragonfly-like wings
    • seawing like ruff
    • not the best fliers
    • named after night things/galaxie…
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  • Greatness The NightWing

    Placeholder blog for now, will update soon.

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  • SapphireWhispers


    December 8, 2017 by SapphireWhispers

    DarkWings are an unusable tribe. Please comment, review, and criticize! :3

    Description :  wiry, muscular, dark silver and nocturnal, dark emerald or blue eyes

    Abilities : see in partial light, ice-cold shocks

    Location : Claws of the Clouds Mountains


    Queen (Canon Timeline) : Monarch Shadefall

    DarkWings are typically a dark silver or obsidian black, with two pairs of horns that curl softly inwards. They have a slim build, with heavy chests and narrow waists, and their eyes are large and usually come in various shades of dark blue or emerald green. Their tails are forked and end in whip-thin points, influencing the DarkWings' more stream-lined fighting techniques.

    The DarkWings are smaller than many other dragons but have extremely la…

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  • Moonglider


    December 8, 2017 by Moonglider


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  • Forge the Hybrid

    As some of you are aware, in an unspecified period of time Forums will be switched out for Discussions, which is a replacement feature designed with mobile devices in mind.

    Being designed for Mobile, discussions will fit your phone's screen better. But as far as I can tell that's the only plus side. I made a wiki (new wikis come default with discussions with no option for forums) which I tested a few discussion related things.

    Below I've listed things that I've tested and whether they worked.

    • Images - Yes, but they have to be from your device. You cannot choose an image that's already on the wiki, unless you happen to have the same image on your phone/computer. You can't resize them either.
    • HTML/CSS - Nope, html/css are not supported
    • Polls - Nope…
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