• TheSpookiestMemes


    June 27, 2017 by TheSpookiestMemes

    Hi, I'm Spooks and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm new to Wiki, I only started about 2 days ago, I think I have way too many Wings of Fire Ocs to keep to myself, so I'm gonna put 'em all on this Wiki!

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  • Nightslayer the Albino NightWing
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  • Nightslayer the Albino NightWing

    I thought about this for a while.


    I view age like this:

    1= 1 month

    2= 2 months

    3= 3 months 

    4= 4 months

    5= 5 months

    6= 6 months

    7= 7 months

    8= 8 months

    9= 9 months

    10= 10 months

    11= One year

    12= Two years

    13= Three years

    14= Four years

    15= Five years

    and so on

    20= 10 years and so on

    30= 20 years and so on

    40= 30 years and so on

    you get the drill.


    I feel like when the dragon gets mad, his/her spikes rise up, telling the other that they are upest (aka angry). I also see that the ears lay back when sad or angry. I also see that the pupils in the eyes change when scared, angry, or sad. 

    Blush in normal dragons are pink, but with other types, like IceWings, can be a different color depending on what blood it has. If the blood is blue, than it is the same c…

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  • Otakuknight 79

    After many years training with Bruce Wayne and Yoda in the treacherous desert of Mount Olympus, I have returned to my beloved dungeo- I mean wiki to say hi to all my slav- I my friends from this land of chaos. With the new book coming soon i've decided to return and hopefully develop my characters and join some RP's.

    To all the RP's that I've vanished from in inactivity: I'm sorry, I really am. I understand if anyone I've RPed with is upset with me. (If anyone remembered me that is XD)

    To Ruler and the other story judges: I'm incredibly sorry, I can see why anyone is upset with me about it, I can see why every participant could be mad at me.

    To everyone else: Did ya miss me? Prepare for my new plans to enslave the residents of chat and make t…

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  • RainbowMist000000


    June 25, 2017 by RainbowMist000000

    Appearence Treewings are triple the size of Morrowseer and have a vine for a tail with several thorns at the end, they have branches with leaves for wings.And they have roots for talons and have tree trunks for their back legs and their body. Their front legs are huge massive bulbous trunks that look like clubs, and their head and neck are tree trunks, they are often seen standing on their hind legs and look just like trees.

    Treewings have superdragon strength, they can stand on their hind legs and if threatened can use their massive bulbous front legs like clubs. Treewings also have massive lungs and can hold their breath about a day, they photosynthesize during the day so they have no need to eat and are nocturnal. Treewings also have long…

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  • Soi-ke

    art requests 6

    June 23, 2017 by Soi-ke

    done with finals so i have a bit of time

    digital headshots

    quality will be very inconsistent, i haven't done this in a while

    five slots for now, please request a character with a detailed description and/or ref

    1. Balter - wob (done)

    2. Reed - geeksheep

    3. Khaki - morrowsight

    4. Nightslayer - nightslayer

    5. Shattered Fire - icebutterfly

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  • Nightslayer the Albino NightWing
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  • Cocoheart

    Drumroll please!!

    IwatchedtheShining, the movie with redrum, two little girls saying "come play with us, danny", "heres johnny!", made Shelly deval quit acting since she went almost insane (look it up!), the blood oozing out of the wall, and that kid who runs alot and sits on the red toy a lot.

    I won't spoil anythkng, just I felt sort of empty. Its a great movie, bug if you are young you will not like this movie.

    And the, dont work there for four montys if you know how many people died! Gawd...

    Anyway, words.

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  • Resa the Stormtrooper

    GUYS!!!!!! I can finally come back again!!!

    I got an iPad Pro yesterday for my early birthday and aaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaa it's so coooooooooool ;;;; I love it so much but ANYWAY!!!!!!




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  • NorahChi

    I lost track...

    June 23, 2017 by NorahChi


    I apologize for this, but I COMPLETELY lost track of how many requests I have for refs and stuff... so, I'm very sorry. 

    Right now, currently, I am on a hunt for peoples who I owe art to- scratch that, since the refs were basically requests, it was only a waiting list. But right now I am telling you all that I AM STARTING OVER THE WAITING LIST!!! So, my rule, "first come first serve" is at play. So get in your requests while you can! 

    UPDATE: From now on, refs will usually cost you a picture of one of my OCs, depending how complicated your character is. 

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