• Raven the NightWing-SkyWing

    Well, if anyone wants to join my roleplay, it's called Welcome to the village of Pride. If you join, I would appreciate it very much! :D

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  • Sorapaw

    Frisk Me To Sorrow

    October 18, 2017 by Sorapaw

    She was dying. Knocked straight down from the air. Dying. Laughter. Laughter. Dying. All that Frisk could think of is the horrible laughter of the SkyWing patrol. Frisk was important. Any other IceWing under her could die and no one would care, but she, dying? They'd all freak.

    That was at least, what Frisk herself thought. She was a beautiful, regal, important of all things dragoness. Her vision - seen from glistening blue eyes, was turning to darkness all around her. The last thing Frisk saw before absolutely blacking out was the crimson silhouette of a SkyWing.

    Has he come to kill me?

    Frisk awoke to a strange face. She was not in her Palace room. It was a dark area instead. She blinked a few times before roaring, and launching her injured …

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  • Jarkie

    Stance's Relationships!!!

    October 18, 2017 by Jarkie

    Hello mah Dudes!!!


    I would like to introduce to you my bab, Stance ! He needs some more dragons on his relationships lists, so maybe you

    could put an OC down in the comments, and I could then type it down on his list! 

    Aaaaa thats it...

    Well, I hope everyone's having an AWESOME day!

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  • Sorapaw

    thing au

    October 18, 2017 by Sorapaw

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  • Stoatbramble

    This is just a random tribe idea, info subject to change! I don't know if I'll enter this in the contest yet. I probably will.

    This is a mess right now :P

    FlashWings are wiry dragons, with long legs and tails. However, they have small wings, making flight difficult at times. They have small, pecan-shaped eyes. They have medium-length, pointy horns which slant backwards, and a small snout. Their claws, teeth, and horns are either milky-white or white with a tint of the main scale color.

    FlashWing scales are small, but hard as a diamond. However, scales on their face and underbelly are notably weaker, making attacks to those areas more dangerous.

    Common main scale colors are vivid shades of periwinkle, indigo, blue, and purple, however, green, o…

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  • Dragonmatter

    About me

    October 17, 2017 by Dragonmatter

    I live in Minnesota I'm 12 or am I I was born July 3 **** I love wof My favorite tribe is icewings Winterwatcher and qinter I'm not good at writing but good at typing I love the chat I'm on it a lot Message me if you have a questions

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  • HoneysuckleRainwing


    October 17, 2017 by HoneysuckleRainwing

    (not sure if im allowed to do this but i went over the rules and i didnt see anything about it so)


    my irl friend opened up a coolio etsy shop but nobody's really bought anything yet

    shes kinda dissapointed

    im not asking you to buy anything, just kinda making it known so anyone who's interested can hop over there

    she handmakes squashies (basically plush beanbags you don't want to throw) so take a little peek here

    also, i won a little contest she had a school so i got to design one so here it is

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  • Comicwing

    Okay, so for my Fanfic, Poison and Honey - A Deathwing Comic, there will be a little side-adventure starring Scythe's journey in tracking down Specter as she competes with some of pyrrhia's best assassins. (Deathbringer will be one!)  for people to enjoy while I come out with the second half of it.  I want it to be entertaining by allowing others a chance to either draw comics (I will give you a script) or provide illustrations for a written story.  If you would like to apply, just ask me in the comments with an example of your art.  Please don't feel bad if I decline you.

    Also, if you would like to have your assassin OC in the story, let me know!

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  • Dragonfire11420

    If you follow the sun for two days as it sets you will find a city a city that is in ruins that city was the city called infernosq that was the capital of the fire dragons but you might never see a fire dragon unless you can track down the last of them there is only one a young prince named flame he is sad about his tribe and city but he knows that he can't dwell on the past he was in a relationship with a night wing named amber at the time they attcked the dark dragons most dragons that have attacked humans were dark dragons they thirst for destruction and chaos burning everything in there past they were jealous of the fire dragons and in the end they invaded and killed everyone including flames family only he survived the attack

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  • ThatToast

    Fall break is over, so I'll be more active.

    Also could someone review my HawkWings? I'm entering them for the tribe contest. (thanks for your opinions on the poll!!)

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