Blizzard is a Nightwing/icewing hybrid. She is the daughter of Queen Glacier. She looks like an Icewing except for her tail. Her tail does not end with a narrow-thin-whip that normal Icewings have. Her father is unknown. She knowns only that her father is a Nightwing, because she can read minds.

Blizzard is also an animus. She has a golden band on her back left leg that allows her to turn her mind reading on and off by will. She also enchanted it to block her thoughts from other mind readers, while still allowing her to mind read others.

Queen Glacier hates her because her father was the husband of Queen Battlewinner. Her father ran away from the queen to the ice kingdom, fell in love with the queen there and then he had to leave. The queen convinced him to stay one night, then she tried to get him to take his egg. He wouldn't take it, saying that he had to get back to his queen. This enraged the queen but she kept the egg to remember him. The dragonet was a female animus with a normal-ending tail. She had snow-white scales and two strange off-white scales right on the corner of her eyes. She was a mind reader.

Blizzard is currently about 6 years old. She is not quite full grown.