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Blizzard is a female IceWing and a Circle Councillor representing her tribe.


Blizzard was born in 4997 A.S. in the southern Ice Kingdom. She was enlisted into the military and fought for Blaze at the age of 8, in 5002 A.S. She left the kingdom age 10 in 5007 A.S. At the time, she was in the Third Circle, highly ranked in IceWing culture. After traveling the continent, the Circle found her in the far north of the Sky Kingdom, and offered her a job as a field tactician. She accepted the offer and was promoted in quick succession, becoming head of department and then Secondary for her tribe, before becoming IceWing Councillor in the same election Equinox became leader.

She became an Immortal only months before the SandWing intervention disaster.



Blizzard can be best described as witty and ruthless. She is incredibly honest and does not hesitate to criticise. While on first glance this could be seen as rude or even aggressive, Blizzard’s personality is caused more by her intolerance for stupidity than any real malice.



  • Tactical knowledge: Blizzard has extensive knowledge of practical tactics, mainly gained through her experience in the IceWing military.
  • Combat experience: Blizzard is a skilled fighter, which can be expected of most Circle members. However, her talent goes above the standard expectations, which earns her a place as an Immortal.