Written by TheGoldenDragoness. A story about Blister's childhood. Looking for an editor.


Discontinued until further notice


“Mummy! Mummy it’s hatching!”

Burn’s voice echoed throughout the hatchery. Queen Oasis rushed over to Burn. The egg of her second daughter was hatching. It was sandy coloured with a black diamond on it. Burn watched intently as cracks started running through it. Oasis’s two sons, Smolder and Scar ran into the room. There was a crack and the eggshell fell apart. A tiny dragonet emerged from the sticky substance. Black diamond-shaped markings down from her head to the tip of her tail. Smolder smiled and ducked his head, showing his identical markings.

Queen Oasis watched her little dragonet as she yawned and spread her wings. The dragonet opened her eyes to see a very delighted family. She looked at Oasis with curiosity. The SandWing queen rested one of her talons on the nest and the little dragonet climbed on. She placed the dragonet on her shoulder and strutted out of the room with Burn, Smolder and Scar trailing behind her.

“Where are we going?” Scar asked, running up alongside Oasis.

“To the Royal Balcony, to show my daughter to the tribe,” Oasis answered.

They walked regally through the palace while dragons around them stopped and bowed.

“This is so exciting!” Burn whisper-shouted to Smolder. He nodded vigorously in agreement.

Burn was the first born out of the siblings. She loved playing with her brothers, although sometimes she was a bit rough. Smolder came a year after that. He was curious but wary. He always did what he was supposed to even if he didn’t want to. Scar was born a few months after Smolder. He was born with a large scar rippling down from his jaw to his front left leg. But it wasn’t really a leg. Just a stub. Dust, their father died trying to protect the last four eggs. He had accidentally half-crushed Scar’s egg making him hatch much too early and was slightly deformed. The other eggs, two girls and one boy were safe.

Oasis emerged into the sunlight. It seemed like nearly the whole tribe had turned up to see the dragonet. The heat beat down on her scales feeling like blisters. Blister.

“SandWings!” Queen Oasis announced, “Please welcome your new princess! Princess Blister!”

The Queen held her up so the cheering crowd could see her. They cheered louder. Queen Oasis brought her back down to rest on her shoulder. It took one glimpse of Blister’s obsidian black eyes to know that she was going to be the future queen.

Part 1: The Sands Of Time

Chapter 1

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